I Am Beautiful and So Are You

September 29, 2015

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What do you see when  you look in the mirror? What kinds of things do you tell yourself as you gaze at your own reflection. Are they positive or negative thoughts? Perhaps you don’t even take the time to look…

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

It has taken me over 30 years to see myself in the mirror. I mean… to really see myself. To be honest, it has taken me that long to even want to take the time to truly look at myself, and for once, finally learn how to appreciate ‘what is.’

You are so beautiful!

So there’s two sides to this ~ How we see ourselves on the outside and how we see ourselves on the inside.

On the inside, I’m all good. I’ve always had a lot of confidence in the kind of person I am ~ In my heart and soul, character and values, talents and abilities.

On the outside though, it’s a completely different story. I’ve always been kind of a mess with low self-esteem. When I look in the mirror, I see all my scars and imperfections. I see what ‘could be.’

You are beautiful!

Of course, we’re not talking about arrogance or narcissism here either. It’s about finding the balance between having a healthy self-esteem and being humble.

When You Think I’m Beautiful

Here’s another thought… Do you think you’ve ever been able to see yourself through another persons eyes before? Have you ever had someone else stand in front of the mirror with you and make mention of what they find so attractive? Whether intentional or invertibly, it can be a very powerful experience in which you might really thrive from if this is something you struggle with as well.

If you could see yourself...

And what about the way God sees you? Lately, I keep reminding myself that He created me in His image and said I was perfect. God doesn’t make mistakes. He molded every single, beautiful, well placed curve on my body and called it perfect. He chose (all be it, via my parents) the color of my hair, my eyes, my skin tone and how may freckles I have… And He called me perfect. Then, even after man has given me countless scars and life starts to take its toll, God still says I’m beautiful and calls me perfect! Aren’t we supposed to adopt God’s image of us, for ourselves and each other, in every way that we can?


Soul Seeds…

After this many years, I would encourage you to find the desire and strength to look in the mirror right now ~ Just as you are, no matter what you’re age ~ And the sooner, the better! It makes me sad to think about how many years I wasted not appreciating myself. I’m not saying I’m ‘there’ yet, but I’m definitely working on it! I hope it doesn’t take you as long to realize that we can have a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem while still remaining humble. For, when we cheat ourselves… We cheat others and the world of all we’re capable of and what we can give back as well.

“You are perfect exactly as you are.
With all your flaws and imperfections…
There’s no need to change a single thing
Except, all those thoughts you have
That you need to change something.”

You are Beautiful!

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11 Comments on “I Am Beautiful and So Are You”

  1. Baydreamer Says:

    Hi Jessie, the post is up with your poem and here is the link: http://lscotthoughts.com/2015/09/30/you-are-worthy-and-worth-it/. I was recently thinking of doing a motivational post and your poem fits in perfectly, so thank you for letting me use it. I hope you like the post, too. :) Hugs and love for a great day! ♥


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Very well done Lauren and such a pleasure my friend, so thank you! I may have left a chapter size response on your blog though, lol ;) And I’ve also linked to you in my next post. Hugs beautiful!


      • Baydreamer Says:

        Thanks, Jessie, and the pleasure is mine. :) Your poem tugs at my heart and your strength is more than commendable. No worries about your comment; believe me, I’ve done the same thing. And thanks for the link, too! I’m off to read comments on “our” post now. Big hugs!


  2. Susan Irene Fox Says:

    Jessie, this is beautiful, and so needed. Bless you for being light and salt. <3


  3. Baydreamer Says:

    What a beautiful, thoughtful, and motivational post, Jessie. I just commented on your original poem from last year. It’s powerful and amazing, to say the least. I was thinking of doing a post on this topic, too, someday soon. I’m unsure of the content, but if I choose to, would you mind if I used your poem? I would credit you, of course…sending hugs, my friend..♥


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Lauren, it would be an absolute honor my friend! Of everything I’ve written, it has crossed my mind several times to do a recording of that poem. People have been asking to see me on video for a long time and I’ve thought that might be a good place to start… Sending warm hugs and thoughts your way! ♡


      • Baydreamer Says:

        Great, I’ll keep you posted and will credit you and link your blog, as well. My post won’t be as elaborate, but it’ll be on the topic of being worthy, etc. I also think that would be a wonderful place to start. I’ve never read my poetry in public; fear has a hold on me still. :) But maybe someday…keep me posted if you do. ♥


  4. Mr. Militant Negro Says:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.


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