Do You Approve and Reply To Every Comment?

October 2, 2015


If you’re a blogger, you probably deal with comments on a regular basis. So tell me, do you approve and reply to every one that comes in? 


Since the creation of this blog, I’ve chosen not to approve (post and publish) only 3 or 4 comments, and all were for different reasons. I definitely support a difference in opinions, freedom of speech, and opportunities to create stimulating conversation, but I don’t do drama or nonsense either.

As far as replying to comments, I try to respond to each one, but when traffic is high and things are really rolling it can be a challenge to keep up. That’s certainly not a complaint though, so please don’t stop, because your comments are absolutely wonderful! I just don’t want anyone to feel bad or ignored or anything either. Sometimes I haven’t responded simply because I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion and just don’t know what to say, but that’s a good thing too, as it usually has me on my knees in prayer instead. Other times, it’s been the exact opposite where there just really isn’t much to say, or things seem redundant, so I try to make sure to at least “like” your comment so you know it’s been read and is appreciated.

I admit, replying to comments might not be my strong suit and I’m ok with that, as long as what you read here touches your heart or moves your soul in some way… Then I’m using my gifts the best way that I know how and trust you’ll keep coming back for more :)

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24 Comments on “Do You Approve and Reply To Every Comment?”

  1. Kev Says:

    I’m a strong believer that everyone should find their own way of doing things… there are no rights or wrongs… there is merely preference. Do what you feel comfortable doing… the rest takes care of itself. :)


  2. Judy Says:

    Certain people comment when I write something that is “extra touching” – my own brother, for example. And then I have two blogger friends who always comment and I eagerly await their words. I am grateful for that kind of support. I would love more comments and imagine that might happen if my blog audience grows. I’m very impressed with your following Jessie. The only comments I haven’t approved are ones left my friends sharing personal information of theirs, unrelated to my post – or else I edit it slightly. Or, annoying spam sometimes creeps through the filter. Great post!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Hello Judy and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here :) I’ve had to do slight edits as well when someone’s left too much personal or identifiable information within a comment, so then I let them know what and why. While I do it mostly because of the line of work I’ve been involved in, it’s just basic safety stuff everyone should practice when online.

      And I don’t know how long you’ve been blogging, but I’m on year 3 here… I greatly appreciate your compliments, but I always feel like my fan base should be bigger by now, lol. It takes time, but it’ll happen, so I encourage you to keep on! I think the most important part is just being yourself, finding your own voice, and being real with people. It can be scary to share your heart and soul with the public, but the connections which form are well worth it!

      I know you weren’t asking for advice or anything, so sorry. It’s just my way trying to return the encouragement and support :) Have a great week and many blessings to you!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      (Sorry, I edited that comment a couple times Judy ~ It’s much harder to do this stuff off my phone, lol!)


  3. Baydreamer Says:

    My thoughts echo Jim’s mostly…I do let all comments through unless they’re rude. That has only happened once in five years, Jessie, so it’s not bad and that blogger is blocked. It’s nothing personal toward me; it’s just who he is, but as you said, I don’t need that communication on my blog.
    Otherwise, yes, I reply to all because I appreciate the time they took to write…I had an “aha” moment when I read that Jim replies three times on other blogs and if they don’t respond then he reverts to simply “liking” their posts. I feel the same way.
    There are many blogs that I have left comments on several times and they never respond back or they just “like” my comment. For some reason, that bothers me – but I don’t hold grudges :) – although I don’t waste my time anymore. I think after awhile it can feel disheartening…I do understand the time factor, though, because I’m affected by it just as we all are. And I do understand the moments when there is nothing to say or it feels awkward and that’s one example of when I write “thanks so much!” :)
    It’s a matter of doing what works for us and hoping everyone understands and I’m truly grateful for everyone who stops by and likes or comments. Sending hugs, my friend..♥


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Yes, time really is the biggest factor. Even during the periods when this is all I’ve done (without having to find outside work or contracts) replying to every comment has sometimes still been a challenge. I think that exchange, give and take, is what separates a blog from a website though, which makes it so much more enjoyable. My site takes in quite a few emails too, plus reading other peoples blogs, which adds to it all. There’s so many great writers out there, I wish there were more time to leave comments for everyone else as well, or that I could at least learn how to put my thoughts down quicker, as it takes me awhile to formulate what I want to say. I absolutely love all of it though, so besides photography, I wouldn’t change any of it and have been so grateful for the opportunity. Hugs to you as well my friend and have an awesome week!


  4. +2 Says:

    I try to reply to every comment…but my blog isn’t exactly Grand Central Station, either. Not a ton of traffic, but I’m glad to see when people take the time to comment!


  5. Casey Michael Smith Says:

    I try to reply to every comment, but sometimes I don’t have the anything to say. I find myself to be awkward when trying to reply most of the time.


  6. Jim Says:

    When someone takes the time to comment over at our blog, I consider it a gift. Most people do not take the time to comment, and I reward that effort by letting 99% of all the non-spam comments through, especially when they disagree. However, I have it set up so that I must approve a commenter the first time they post. If a commenter is insulting or just plain nasty, then I won’t approve it, but that is rare.

    I also reply to 95% of people’s comments these days, because I appreciate the time they invested in starting or adding to the discussion. Comments and the discussions they lead to are what make blogging fun!

    I give a blogger three chances to respond in some way to the comments I leave on their blog. If they don’t respond after three separate comments, then I don’t comment any more.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Right you are in considering it a gift! I appreciate and value so much the time others might take to invest in something I’ve done ~ It just seems like a great way to show our appreciation and gratitude in return. I also agree that the discussions and connections are what make it all worth while! So glad to have you here Jim and thanks for connecting :)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      And create a wonderful exchange! ;-)


      • soulblindministry Says:

        Isn’t that what connecting is about? Sharing, enriching and enhancing others as well as yourself? “Like” means nothing if you don’t spend the time to know what it is that you claim to like.


        • Jessie Jeanine Says:

          Absolutely! When I first started building this site, it was going to just be a ‘website’ but then somehow it became a ‘blog’ instead, and I’ve been so grateful with the way it’s turned out. I never thought it would become any kind of ministry, nor imagined how much the connections and sharing of stories (via cyber space) could help me even, let alone anyone else!


  7. akateacher Says:

    Several years back, I made a very difficult decision in my life. And on occasion I will get the random comment that ends up in moderation from someone from my past who thought they’d be able to post a comment and publically scold me, just because they don’t agree with the choices I made with my life. It’s obvious from the way they are written that they didn’t realize they’d be moderated. Those particular comments don’t get approved and are addressed outside of my blog. Otherwise, I also try to approve and acknowledge comments. I feel it helps to build a connection with those who read.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      It absolutely helps build a connection with our readers and is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much :)

      And I’m sorry for those who are just mean spirited and think it’s OK to behave that way. I’ve had to deal with the exact same issue for the same reason on occasion. Or better yet, is when I’ve picked up a stalker. I’m so glad to see you haven’t let the few bad reign over the many good and are still pressing forward. It speaks volumes about you as a person, just as it does them. Remember, they are behind you for a reason!



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