How Do You Grow Your Fan Base?

October 5, 2015


Here are a couple of questions along the same lines, so please feel free to answer in any way that strikes your fancy. For, each of us has a different approach to writing, blogging, creating a fan base, increasing the effectiveness of a platform, growing a business, and so forth… I’d really like to hear about yours!

engaging social media posts

“How do you grow your fan base?” I’m not talking about how to merely increase your numbers, because spam alone can add quite a few of those, but how do you grow your actual readership? How do you engaged people via the web and get them coming back for more? Is it a strategic thing ~ Have you hired someone, maybe paid for advertising, or do you just spill your guts and hope for the best?

Success, Real or Imagined?

I’ve shared with you before how the stats and shares you see here on often times don’t match up with my behind the scenes traffic and analytics, but that’s OK, as I’m still very fortunate to be making a living this way (big cheesy grin!) It may not be exactly what I imagined yet, but it has become a successful ministry, non-the-less.

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in life,
It’s about what you INSPIRE others to do.

I might also share that while other social media outlets such as Twitter, Google +, and even Facebook tend to pick up some spam followings, the email sign up that’s on this site is very accurate. Every email follower I have is strictly because someone clicked on the link and signed up to receive notifications of these posts. That’s over 4,000 genuine followers so far! I just couldn’t be more grateful people :)

And while stats can be a definite boost for the ego, it’s not about that here. All of this has genuine meaning to me I think, because of having to hide out and be silent for so many years due to my line of work. Then in learning how to really live life as a survivor, it becomes so beneficial and is extremely healing once we find our voice and can regain control of our lives, instead of just merely getting by day to day as the victim. It’s why I’m always encouraging you to do the same thing, especially those whom I’ve privately counseled with.

Success, Real or Imagined?

Just Be YOU!

So, know that I haven’t done anything special to grow my platform or keep readers yet, outside of the few times I’ve requested more of your support or shares through writing these posts. Heck, I don’t even understand SEO or anything either, not for lack of trying though! Instead, I’ve just focused on being transparent and real, and tried to engage with you as much as possible. While I may not be a social media guru, things are still going fairly well, as I certainly haven’t lost followers over the last 3 years, but rather continued to gain them. Plus, some of the greatest connections and experiences I have are with those of you who have been with me since the beginning of this journey. I certainly have no complaints, so for all of this, and more my friends… I thank you!

Maya Angelou

And now back to my question ladies & gentlemen…
“How do YOU grow your fan base?”

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2 Comments on “How Do You Grow Your Fan Base?”

  1. Carol Balawyder Says:

    I really don’t consider my readers as fans. Funny, isn’t it? But I tend to grow readers by looking at who has posted either a like or a comment on blogs I like and go to their websites. I also rely on posts that present new authors, especially if they are in the genre I like to read.
    How I try to get readers to come back for more is by offering what I hope will be of interest to them. I think giving is essential.


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