I’ve not done weekly challenges for awhile, but in light of recent events and activities, the current topic seems more than fitting. I have been so inspired this past week that I began writing multiple posts although, they’ve become rather intertwined by now. I’m going to keep putting them up anyways, because you don’t seem to mind just so long as I’m writing again :)

Happy, Happy Places!

So, my first and foremost happy place is being with those whom I love and care about the most.

My other happiest place or sanctuary if you will, is anywhere in the great outdoors with beautiful scenery where I’m surrounded by mother nature.

Most recently, my happiest place included a beach front condo for the week that we were extremely blessed to share with someone else.

The condo itself was beautiful, fully equipped and stocked, everything was remote-controlled or motion censored (even the toilets from Japan) and it had a disappearing glass wall right smack on the ocean front! You talk about feeling spoiled!! The real beauty was our view though and what lay right outside the front door.

It was such a beautiful thing… To rise and rest each day with the sound of the waves, sharing one amazing sunset after another, being able to play hard after working hard, having an opportunity to just hang out, being able to relax and get to know one another… 

Ahh… Yes…!

For a few splendid days I finally relaxed. I forgot about the bills, let my guard down, wrote a few chapters of my book, started a couple of poems, spent quality time with those I’m closest to, and prayed… I slept feeling safe and content, was free to be myself, didn’t feel stressed, and even ate us out of house and home which, is something I never do, lol!

I wandered around freely… Aimlessly even, laid in the sand, played in the ocean, I got to clear my head and focus, reflect, and take time out. I never take time out.

All day long, I got to come and go from the beach…

I’m so grateful and feel so blessed! God knew I needed this… More time with friends, more play time with my girl, and more time to reconnect personally. It began to stir passions and reignited lost dreams. It is good everyone… Very, very good!

So, where is my happy place? It’s next to the ones I love and anywhere outdoors that has warm weather and beautiful surroundings.

Hope you enjoy the quick pics! Most are off my phone and unedited.

Where is your happiest place?

All photographs are property of:
Life Inspired Photography & Photo Blog by Jessie Jeanine


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  1. dunelight Says:

    What lovely photos you have taken of your happy places!


  2. secretangel Says:

    Absolutely beautiful thoughts and pictures.


  3. Rasma R Says:

    Simply awesome. pictures. I too love nature and walks along the river or sea. Never without my trusty digital camera.


  4. phdinmeblog.wordpress.com Says:

    My first time to your blog and all I can say is to these pics is Wow! Light and Love, Shona


  5. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus Says:

    God’s creation is awesome Jessie and you captured it beautifully in your photos, Thank you for sharing them and also your Holiday with us.

    Christian Love – Anne.


  6. YesterdayAfter Says:

    Hi I just came across your beautiful Blog I love your Photos as I am an amateur too! I am an Artist Designer and I express my creativity in many ways I would love for you to visit my Blog too :-) <3 I am going to Follow you and if you like stay connected…


  7. Anna Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Natures magic :)


  8. Eric Christopher Jackson Says:

    Too many scenes here to pick out a favorite, but some really good ones. To your question, I don’t think I’ve been to my happiest place, yet. Though, I imagine it’s near the mountains with a valley full of water.


  9. Writing to Freedom Says:

    Hi Jessie, Good to visit you and your site. It’s been too long! I’m glad you had a relaxing beach break at a wonderful place from the looks of your photos. to happy places and photos! :)


  10. tonyasmithauthor Says:

    So glad to see you are writing and visiting and relaxing Jessie. You really needed that! Love your photos and I am so jealous of you! Stay in that place where you are now…..Beautiful


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Thanks so much Tony and yes, I have needed that more than people can even know! I’ll keep my home base here, but won’t ever stop traveling… What can I say, but I have a travelers soul :) Hopefully, I’ll get to focus on being behind the camera a lot more moving forward though. This IS going to become a travel blog one way or another, lol!


  11. tomrains Says:

    I like your idea of a happy place :) I’ve been reading a lot about happy places recently — I’m far from my family (though I’ll be seeing them this weekend!), so I’m thinking I need to form a little happy place in my bedroom, maybe around my desk. I like the idea of some non-froofroo candles, as mentioned by Anthony in the comments!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      You know, when my girl was growing up, it’s the one constant I could always give her ~ home was, and always be, a safe haven. That also means a place of relaxation and happiness too. It should be a place where you can go to wind down and become centered again. Our home was always one filled with joy… The kind of place you really wanted to retreat to (just ask all her friends and half the neighborhood, lol!) If we can’t make our entire environment where we live like that, then I think carving out a special place somewhere is even more vital! And I still say some mild froofroo can be good, but even I don’t like too much. Honestly, I prefer something like the WoodWick type candles with wide long wicks that crackle like a campfire (that’s more manly, right) but have a mild scent like vanilla and just look cool when they’re burning. I also used to have small clear lights hidden throughout the entire house and bedroom (some on remotes even) to help create a warm, cozy ambiance. Heck, I’d wind those things through my tall trees and greenery even ~ it was beautiful :) But I hear you… easy on the froofroo guys!


  12. Jessie Jeanine Says:

    So great to see you again Anthony! I must say, my library and desk setup was a happy place as well, especially when we lived here before because it over looked the canyon and is where I was able to bury myself in the same way. Btw, nothing wrong with a little froofroo from time to time either, lol ;-)


  13. soulblindministry Says:

    Remember, that it doesn’t matter where you are so long as you can find your peace. The beautiful places just make it easier to find. 😊 I’m glad you got a chance to recenter and breathe.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      And remember, I know this better than many… Like Paul, whether abased or abound, may we learn to be content. Nothing about my life has ever come easy, but that’s what makes me that much more grateful for it or any blessings that come our way :)


  14. joseph elon lillie Says:

    These are beautiful. I am glad you got to rest relax and be recreated. It is always good when prayer is part of the process.


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