Passion, Sensitivity and Vulnerability

February 7, 2016

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“If you’re a really passionate person, are there times when you wish you weren’t?”

There are times when I’ve disliked being a passionate person, because I saw it as a weakness. For, often times, with great passion comes great emotion and sensitivity too. That, in turn, can make a person more vulnerable. It also means that for as much as we love and feel joy, we hurt and feel pain.

I’m not speaking of feeling passionate regarding just a particular hobby or interest either. It’s how I’ve learned to live my life as a whole. I have always had an intense passion for life and people, so to me, it’s just a way of life ~ A way of living and a way of loving, as it is for many of you as well.

I’ve tried to shut it all down before and close myself off from the world to avoid being hurt or disappointed again, but it never works. That’s just not who I am.

Have you ever tried to do that?
Have you ever denied the world of who you really are?

What I’ve learned is that nothing makes me unhappier or stifles my creativity and passion for life more than when I’ve tried to turn off who I am. Therefore, just as I’ve always been determined not to let man or life’s circumstances rob me of my faith in God, so I am determined not to let the world rob me of being passionate, genuine and transparent… Of being honest and wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Don’t Be Robbed of Your Essence

It took me a long time to realize that if you were to take away that single special trait which we each have (ironically, it’s typically the thing we like least about ourselves) but if you take away that single trait which makes me so special and unique (call it passion, sensitivity or vulnerability) then you would be taking away the very essence of who I am as well. You would be taking away my very core ~ My heart, soul and consciousness. It would rob me of my spirit, intuition and creativity. It would steal my deep appreciation for all the small things and ability to enjoy life’s simplest treasures. Mostly, it would take away my keen awareness of other people’s hearts and souls ~ I would no longer have the ability to empathize or connect on such deep levels with them. Essentially, I would lose my passion for life and living.

Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional.

The Dumbo Difference

However, life experience teaches us that those qualities which we often times view as being our greatest weakness can in fact, become our greatest strengths. And think about it ~ you can’t discover one without discovering the other. We must learn to embrace those personal traits which make us different, because they are what make us so special and unique. Being different and standing out from the crowd is what gets us noticed and remembered ~ It makes us irreplaceable!!

Never Apologize for Being You!

So, never apologize for being a passionate, sensitive or emotional person because it means you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to show it or give it to others and that is an incredible gift! Making the choice to be vulnerable and choosing to take the risk are signs of real strength and character. While it’s true that it can be your greatest source of heartache or what can hurt you the most, it is also what allows you to have a deep understanding of how to connect with people and on much deeper levels. Those are the kinds of relationships my friends that are absolutely incredible and life changing for everyone!

Souls Seeds…

Never give anyone enough power to make you regret or feel ashamed for being true to yourself… For, it takes a great deal more courage and strength to risk showing the world who you really are in your heart and soul than it does in pretending to be someone you’re not.

In order to be replaceable, one must always be different.

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18 Comments on “Passion, Sensitivity and Vulnerability”

  1. Moose and Michelle Says:

    I love your sincerity – it’s refreshing!


  2. daleydowning Says:

    Thank you for encouraging all of us not to hide. It sucks that choosing to be yourself can be considered such a daring move. But you’re so right, we are made to be ourselves, and we all have a gift, a purpose, and God wants us to step out in faith, in trust, and achieve it.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      You know… Sometimes when I write these posts, I’m trying to encourage myself just as much as anyone else. It is really sad that our self-worth and self-esteem can be affected so much by the world, or cruelty of others, instead of believing what God has to say about us. That’s why it’s so important that we learn to surround ourselves with supportive, happy, positive people who will help encourage and inspire us to pursue our goals and keep our hopes and dreams alive.


      • daleydowning Says:

        Very true. I’ve only recently started reading your posts, and I have to say, I greatly admire your guts and your ability to try positivity. God really is bigger than anything we might face on a fallen Earth!


  3. Miriam Says:

    What a beautifully written post, so insightful and one that really resonated with me. I think my passion has actually grown as I’ve got older and become more comfortable with who I am. Thank you.


  4. JoAnna Says:

    After spending most of my adult life wishing I had thicker skin, I’m finally honoring that what I sometimes need is just some quiet time by myself…and knowing that it is God’s love that matters most. Thanks for following!


  5. Judy Says:

    I could really relate to this post – starting with the quote by Hemmingway. I am very passionate about art, writing and music. But I often do feel very vulnerable, especially because sometimes I’ve been overly honest. It has also been a struggle for me most of my life to express my true feelings. My passion came when I started to do that. I think you wrote this beautifully; it touched me!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Hi Judy and thanks so much! Being overly honest has been a downfall of mine at times too, but I really learned how to embrace that quality. Personally, I think it gets easier when we can focus on the hundreds of times it has served us well verses, letting the couple of times when it maybe hasn’t, bother us so much.


      • Judy Says:

        Isn’t that so true! Yes. I think of people I’ve connected to because of my extreme honesty and other times I’ve lamented how embarassed I am by things I’ve done. It is definitely unusual because many times it’s much safer to withhold honesty.


  6. Susan Irene Fox Says:

    “I’ve tried to shut it all down before and close myself off from the world to avoid being hurt or disappointed again, but it never works. That’s just not who I am.”

    I have done this and it is so very painful. Now, I love who I am. I embrace who God created me to be. And He is the only one whose opinion matters. He has made us each unique, and through the Spirit has given us our own gifts. Together, the seeds of those gifts produce a bountiful harvest.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Why does it take some of us our whole lives to learn how to accept and love who we really are? A healthy self esteem should be one of the very first values instilled in us as children.


  7. mihrank Says:

    This is such beautiful, deep, complex blog…I am touched.

    I am following on your social media well, I appreciate if you do the same…

    Just beautiful and amazing words – please follow and like my new piano page, I appreciate it:


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