To Share or Not To Share?

August 4, 2016

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That is the Question

Some people say every part of our past is a part of our story and therefore, needs to be shared. Part of me has always believed it’s the only way God could use our past to help others. Makes sense, right? So, I tend to think our experiences are never really meant for us, but rather everyone else. His Story ~ His Glory, kind of a thing.

And while it seems true that everyone loves a good story… If you’re the survivor of a deeply tragic past, maybe it isn’t so wise to tell all, because people might not be able to handle it. Everyone might think they want to hear your story… Until you start telling it.

Have you ever experienced that before friends?

It makes me wonder if some things aren’t better left unsaid. That perhaps, not every piece of our past is going to be used in a ‘tell all’ while giving our testimonies to others. What do you think?

don't be ashamed of your story

Perhaps that’s why I’ve never been able to give my own from ‘beginning to end’ or from ‘start to finish’ either… It can be overwhelming for even the most trained individuals. Instead, God seems to use my past the best the way He’s been doing it throughout the years ~ Piece by Piece. When invited to speak with a someone or a group, I get a feeling for their needs first, then do my best to let the Holy Spirit guide the rest. It couldn’t be scarier, but once it’s all said and done, the blessings have always outweighed the fears.

During these past couple of months, I’ve been trying a different approach though. To put it all together for those who thought they wanted to hear. Once again, I was told that there was no one on staff who could relate or help talk to me anymore, because none of them had enough life experience, or experiences which could compare to mine. It’s something I’ve heard many times before and probably one of the reasons I wind up leading so many things instead. And the real kicker is… I never even got through my whole testimony the way they encouraged.

So, maybe I’ll just YouTube the whole thing after all… 

your story

Soul Seeds

The thing is people… It doesn’t matter what your own life experiences have been ~ Good or bad, sheltered or exposed. Our paths may be different, yours and mine, but we ALL share the same journey… Pain is Pain and Love is Love. That is how we can relate. YOU (no matter what your past is) can help someone like myself just by giving and affording me the unconditional love and acceptance that I never had while growing up. That’s all I’ve ever wanted and what most people seem to want. Just be there to listen without passing judgement and pray with me, because where two or more gather… YOU can help heal any open wounds or a broken past just by treating me the way Jesus would. A sweet soul and loving heart are all that’s needed most of the time with any one of us as a child of God.

Please, don’t be afraid of people with such a torrid past like mine… Victims of abuse and crime… Or those with disabilities and physical handicaps… Or who look different or come from a different place than you do… Or those who have illnesses that you may or may not be able to see.

For, we are just like you.

Our job as believers is simple… To accept people where they’re at and just love them. That’s what Jesus would do and that my friends… Is what makes someone a Christian!

everyone has a story

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7 Comments on “To Share or Not To Share?”

  1. Steven Sawyer Says:

    Jessie, thanks for sharing. You nailed it– “Our job as believers is simple… To accept people where they’re at and just love them. That’s what Jesus did.” I agree with you. My story has dozens of chapters. God is still writing my story. It has a beginning, but no end–yet! I’ve found that sharing my story, like you, depends on who’s listening. Some chapters might help or encourage one group or individual, while another chapter might be appropriate for another. I find that when I share a testimony it is usually prompted by a situation or a dilemma or a trial that others are facing. I can say, “Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt!” If someone is going through something similar to what I’ve experienced, I’ve found that I can encourage them by identifying with their struggle. Then, possibly, I might be able to offer them encouragement. NEVER TELL THAT WHAT DO DO, but share my experience, strength and hope with them. Thanks again for sharing, and may God richly bless you and your testimony.


  2. akateacher Says:

    I love your thoughts on sharing. I know there are some parts of my past story that would never be (and have never been) accepted by some people. Through talking with others, I have to discern what parts of my story of abuse will help them and which would possibly harm. But through it all, I let the Lord lead and pray that what I have to share may be of use!


  3. R.H. (Rusty) Foerger Says:

    HI Jessie, I think you’re on to something when you beckon us to be aware that everyone has a story, and to listen to them. Period. Don’t interrupt. Listen well. I came upon something that spoke to the notion that there are “no story-less prayers” – as a way of giving ourselves permission to tell our stories in whatever form – to the One who is Listening:
    Thanks for your post.


  4. cestlavieladypatience Says:

    You know what? The things I have shared with people about my life has definitely helped people with their problems. The thing is I rarely meet people that can return the favor. It seems like I’m constantly going through something and have really something to offer but those people who claim to be Christians only have the Bible to quote from. The Bible is all well and good but what has happened to the human experiences of today? I can’t stand it when people quote the Bible that actually haven’t lived what they’re talking about. Hopefully what I’ve said makes sense.


  5. Judy Says:

    I think personally, there was a great benefit for me to share. It help me to connect with other people and make a difference. I’ve been told my honesty is refreshing; most people are more careful about what they are willing to divulge.
    Writing about my trauma was cathartic – it enabled me to heal. Prior to that, I locked the story in my subconscious – afraid I’d forget the details of what was so devastating for me. Once I wrote about my pain, I was able to release it.
    Your post is very thoughtful and brings up many helpful points. I do think this is an individual thing. People share what they are comfortable sharing and there’s not right or wrong way.


  6. AprilEsutton Says:

    I would only share parts of my story based upon need. If I am honest, sometimes the need is mine.


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