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My Grown Up Christmas List

December 19, 2014


I wish to spend time together Time that is not rushed, Distracted… Or competing with the things of this world. I wish to be your friend To talk, to listen, to laugh, to cry No more arguments or wasted time… I don’t want to lose the little we have. I’ve given you my everything All […]

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It’s Time

September 2, 2014


So, yesterday (Sunday) was my first time out hiking since we got here and of course, I overdid it. I couldn’t just ease myself back into it, but had to go full board (with my camera pack and all) for about 6 hours. No wonder my body’s been screaming and can’t hardly move today! It’s […]

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Each Day

January 23, 2014

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Before I Give Up

January 6, 2014


*This is a re-post from another blog called, “Die Trying.” An incredible woman dedicated this post to me called, “Dear Jessie” after reading my story “Kidnapped” and I’d like to share how it has affected me. Dear Jessie Kidnapped To Jessie Jeanine Silenced by the struggle, determination, hate, love, fight and courage all rolled into […]

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Job 22:28

November 3, 2012


What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways. .

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