Who Am I

I am a survivor and I have a story to tell. I made the vow as a teenager to become a “voice for the victims” and so I have dedicated my life to the cause. It is my hope to touch your soul deeply, profoundly and permanently with my story.
I am a Christian, which simply means that I am a believer of the Bible and a follower of Christ. I decided long ago that no man or circumstance shall ever rob me of my faith, even though the forces of evil are relentless!
I am most passionate about life and helping others, unconditional love, the truth, and being a mother. I wear my heart on my sleeve and am probably too transparent at times. I have no tolerance for lies.
I love poetry and writing, photography, music, dance, movies, martial arts, anything creative and the great outdoors. I feel closest to God and am the most comfortable when surrounded by nature (especially the water) and all that He’s created. I hope to possess enough humility that I am always willing to learn, and I pray my hunger for Him never dies.
Besides being an author, poet, speaker and photographer it is my goal to become the founder of a nonprofit organization in the near future. I am a firm believer that my goals and dreams would not have been put inside of me, if I did not have the capacity to achieve them!

Jessie Jeanine is an author, speaker and photographer. She has been an entrepreneur and advocate for victims of abuse for over 15 years. Jessie’s published works include poetry and small articles for nationwide distribution. She has worked with teens and staff in crisis, in evangelism, with hospice and is an ambassador for any good cause. Jessie Jeanine is a Christian woman after God’s own heart who resides in the USA.

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