Set it Free, This Child in Me…

November 22, 2011

A Quest For Truth

I want to sing and dance with my arms lifted high
Grow a set of wings and soar into the sky.
Splash in a puddle, catch raindrops on my tongue
A chance to live the childhood, Satan robbed me of.

I want to remain innocent, always believing
Never afraid, to show what I am feeling.
Let’s play dress up, pretend another life
In a different world, much unlike mine.

Will someone tuck me in at night?
Sing me a lullaby, hold me tight?
Promise me the terror will end,
No more nightmares in my head.

I want to trust, to allow an embrace
And not always worry, about saving face.
Tell me I am special, I am very unique
Love me unconditionally, protect me, please?

Set it free, this child in me…
I want to play with the moon and the stars in the sky
To be fascinated and explore with a wondering mind.
May I learn about death and life after this
To not be afraid of what will happen next.

To believe in myself, and love who I am
And never regret where I have been.
To understand, the importance of pain
To realize through suffering, blessings are gained.

May I be eager to help and be kind
To share with you, all that is mine.
I want to laugh and be flooded with joy
That my tears are happy and my fears are void.

I live on auto pilot, I want to feel alive
No more turning my head or having to hide.
I want to climb a tree and run in fields of green
I want to be free, to do what others only dream.

Most of all –
Somebody please… just love me.

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