April 5, 2013

A Quest For Truth

A new visitor has come in
Be it alone or with a friend
Thoughtful and considerate we must be
For each has a story we may not see.

Will we “do unto Him”
By this visitor who’s come in?
Remember what it’s like
To be the new kid on sight?

Our initial response to one who comes in
Could result in their salvation or leave them in sin.
Will we accept these seekers of Christ
Lest we fear, it changing our lives?

Words from the pulpit what will they hear?
The truth of His word preached simple and clear.
No Statement of Faith or Doctrine to dictate
Only the Bible in its purest state.

What will they see observing our flock ~
Are there divisions within our group or
Is equal acceptance and family our root?
Are we judgmental, critical or unkind
For, we are not above others or the Divine.

Will they see Jesus in you and me?
Are we reflecting His nature, are we planting a seed?
Do love and humility clothe our flock?
Are we friendly, inviting and not closed off?

He says if we knock, He’ll welcome us in
Should we not befriend visitors the same as Him?
Hospitality is nothing fancy or flared
Most impressive, is often the smallest spared.

A responsibility as disciples all of us share
A warm friendly smile is a gift each can bare.
Are we not vessels for Him to use?
Compassion and friendship are spiritual fruits.

The visitor’s salvation may be in question
Appeal to their conscience, get their attention.
Our actions could lead to their final conviction
Do we help unselfishly or hinder their direction?

A most exciting time we all can share
When a visitor comes, will they know we care?
When they see us, will they know His love?
Will they want what we have enough to seek God?

May His light shine through us, to be a ray of hope
As we become living stones to glorify His throne.
And may our actions portray the words we say
For, love is not love until it’s given away.

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4 Comments on “Hospitality”

  1. Drusilla Mott Says:

    A great reminder. Beautiful.


  2. Rick Stassi Says:

    I pray for compassion for others. God bless you…


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