Be Hers

August 3, 2013


Be Her Safe Haven

A re-post: by jadedheart

Let her cry if the tears need to fall
Let her release the pain of it all
Just hold her close as the tears flow down
So that she knows that she will not drown
Though you can not erase her pain
Just be the life boat in the rain
Shine a light that is bright and true
So she’ll know where she can turn to
Be her safety from the storm
And her pain you can transform


One Last Dance

A re-post: by jadedheart

dancing - flickr by Lorenia

So many times she’s been knocked down
Left all alone there on the ground
Cold and trembling upon the floor
Is this all that Fate has in store?
She longs to hope, too scared to try
But then that look within his eye
Begs her to take just one more chance
Fall in his arms, give him this dance


“Thoughts From A Jadedheart” drew me in instantly and is one of my favorite poets. I really appreciate the above writings, especially with the changing of seasons in my own life this past year.

So, I am a hopeless romantic and a firm believer that God will use ALL things for His glory if we let Him. Could it be because I have never given up that I might finish with more than I ever hoped or even prayed for? Do you think God ever bestows an abundance of blessings on those who are faithful? Do you really believe He knows the desires of your heart and wants only the best for you? I do! I will be the first to admit though that it can be difficult to remember this in the midst of the battle, but that is when it’s most important. I’d like to encourage (the ladies especially) that no matter what anyone tells you, does to you, or tries to take from you – continue with perseverance – do not allow the world to steal your hope, faith or joy. 

You have the ability to be her ‘Knight in Shining Armor’ so

Be her calm within the storm – not the cause of the storm.

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One Comment on “Be Hers”

  1. poeticjourney Says:

    Well said, thank for sharing! God Bless :)


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