Called To Serve

September 29, 2014

A Quest For Truth

Called To ServePain and pride
Are in our stride
Shouldered to protect
Innocent lives

Despair and grief
For all we’ve seen
Righteous anger
For some who lead

Power and money
Can corrupt good souls
Tempting the best
To lose control

So, a license to achieve
By whatever means
Tests our faith
And all we believe

As we weigh both man’s
And God’s commands
Replacing leaders
With honorable hands.

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7 Comments on “Called To Serve”

  1. 50djohnson Says:

    Jessie, It’s so important to replace our leaders with honorable hands!!! Now, more than ever before! Also, thank you for coming by and reading my blog. Come again any time. There is usually something new every couple of days. :-)


  2. Richard A. Cross Says:

    I LOVE this. 5 Stars!


  3. lscotthoughts Says:

    Wonderful poem, Jessie…xxx


  4. C.J. Penn Says:

    Very beautiful… thank you.


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