Assist A Seeker, Save Their Soul

November 25, 2011

A Quest For Truth

Our greatest purpose as we see
Servants of Christ we must be.
To bring Him pleasure, to glorify Thee
Lest, there is no use for you and me.

May we search for seekers of Christ
And not be misled by seekers of life.
Hope and enthusiasm are contagious
Let us encourage with motivation!

Are we overwhelmed with gratitude
For our own salvation – does it show in our attitude?
Will others be excited, if we are not
Do we rejoice and portray the life He bought?
Is it apparent our choice to commit
Why we serve Him, instead of sin?

Many blessings we are grateful for
The truth of His word is what He came for.
Are we to hoard this gift He has given
Once we understand His will –
Is it ours to keep, to never unveil?
Are we to bury it within these walls
Isn’t that selfish, prideful and wrong?

Living examples we must be
A light in the world for all to see.
A required boldness to live His will
Patience is learned as we die to ourselves.
Humility and meekness we must portray
With gentle persuasion let us convey
A consistent love for the unsaved.

If we don’t share His word, are we ashamed
Do we fear rejection or lack in faith?
For, it is not about us, but to glorify His name.
Who did Christ come for, what did it cost?
May His crucifixion not be in vain or forever lost.

The weight of our sin is the cross on His back
Is it too much to ask for our obedience?
Being a Christian is not a Sunday event
It is a lifestyle and sacrificial commitment –
May it cause others to wonder why we’re different.

A body of many talents, none stands alone
We edify each other, as we submit to His throne.
Gifts bestowed must be nurtured to grow
All can be used to accomplish one goal –
To assist the seeker, to save their soul.

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