The Truth

December 27, 2011

A Quest For Truth

The truth you did not want to hear
Though you acted most sincere
You coaxed and claimed it was safe
You pledged acceptance – I showed my face!

So, my story I did reveal
Not all, but parts enough to seal
The fate you chose to then bestow
Upon my heart and my soul.
Quick to judge, then ignore
Without a word – I’m shown the door.

Faith in men I don’t proclaim
I find it sad and a shame
If man condemns where God does not
A twisted world, torn apart!

Then once again my saving grace
Is His love and warm embrace
And in my prayers, I curse you not
I plead for your soul but, hate… I do not.

Instead, so grateful, I remain
To have a friend who doesn’t blame
Who sees that I have stood for Him
Regardless of cost, in a world so lost.

And when the pieces of my heart
I bring to Him… I fear not
For, I know with love, my Father bends
To mend these pieces together again.

Then I realize mans ignorance proves
To deepen my faith in what is true
Much stronger my heart beats in the end
To serve my Father and not man!

May I sleep in peace with a final truth
God does not judge me like you do –
In an uneducated state

With hypocrisy and fear!

He protects and loves those who are dear
Those who stand for what is right,
Who love the truth and stand to fight!

And if my story
You found hard to “hear”
Reflect and imagine “living” it
before you sneer!

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11 Comments on “The Truth”

  1. PRAE Missions Says:

    Reblogged this on PRAE Missions.


  2. poeticinvocation Says:

    Powerful and so Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart, soul and devotion… warm blessings,


  3. Linda Willows Says:

    a very strong, beautifully written and compelling poem! You voice rings true for many. An inspiring work, thank you Jessie!


  4. poeticjourney Says:

    Lovely piece Jessie! Very beautiful God Bless


  5. granbee Says:

    JessieJ, I rejoice in your growing relationship with our Best Friend! I pray to be a “friend” here, as well!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Oh Granbee, you are a special friend of mine indeed! You give so much encouragement, support and praise to everyone and I am so grateful for you :) I thank God for your heart and your friendship! Blessings ❤ HUGS ❤


  6. Terra Newsome Says:

    One word with 4 letters : DEEP!!! Wow. This is strong and compelling. May those torn be healed completely in Jesus for Victory is your name! Praise God praise God!

    God bless you for this :)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      You got it! That brings such a smile to my face and I appreciate your comment friend :) As life continues and struggles persist, I could not let this toil in my heart any longer. Thanks for reading!


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