February 10, 2012

A Quest For Truth

Many times it’s come to mind…
“Your tears are o.k. here” he said, so kind.
I’m always afraid to let them fall
to allow these feelings which are so raw.

I have permission to just be myself
insecurity and weakness revealed, no doubt.
To become that vulnerable and stripped of my pride
it frightens and scares me beyond what I describe.

I was taught never to cry
and a tough exterior I must provide.
Although my heart bleeds inside
I am conditioned to just deny.

Many times it’s come to mind…
“Look into my eyes” he said, so kind.
Our eyes are the windows to our soul
if you look too long I’m afraid you’ll know.

I fear my tears and all they portray
so many years of turmoil and pain .
I no longer have wounds, but scars of survival
and there are many that some can’t handle.

Many times it’s come to mind…
when he kissed my tears, so gentle and kind.
The empathy and purity in that one act alone
carry more strength than any words bestowed.

Unforgettable things that come to mind
are these blessings and gifts which allow me to shine.
Such compassion and grace I have been shown
how grateful I am to this man I now know.

Personal Note: Sometimes I’m not sure how many of my writings from past times I should share. This is a current revision of something very personal I wrote quite a few years ago for a brother in Christ and a man I will always love.

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10 Comments on “Unforgettable”

  1. Subhan Zein Says:

    Hi Jessie,

    I noticed that you write poetry. Great stuff! I enjoy what I’ve been reading so far. :-) I’m writing poetry myself, and I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my blog, Subhan Zein. I’ve got some poetry that you may like:

    “Dance, Dance Under the Rain!”
    “Whirling Towards the Divinity”
    “Love is the Water of Life”
    “A Hug from My Heart”

    And perhaps you may want to read my flash fiction? “Pham and Her Gold Fish”

    Please feel free to have a look at them and I do hope that you will like what I have in store for you! :-) Thank you and have a great day! Warm regards from Down Under, Subhan Zein


  2. fivereflections Says:

    deep thoughts and reflections

    David in Maine USA


  3. granbee Says:

    Jesus wept with those who wept. I thought of this as I read each beautiful, yearning, remembering line here in this very brave poem, JessieJ. Bless you richly, always!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Wow granbee… that is exactly what I was thinking about too as I revised this yesterday. I almost redid it to be about Jesus, but thought I’d just do a spin off sometime later. I’m pleased to know those are thoughts it spurs in others as well. After all, the world should be able to “see” Jesus in you and me (referring to this mans treatment of me or our treatment as Christians towards those who don’t know Him yet.)


  4. effortlesslyperfect Says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


  5. nightshade130 Says:

    This is a very beautiful piece Jessie. An honest heart healing from wounds past and a comfort that calms the storms. :D God Bless You and thanks for sharing.


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