February 5, 2012

A Quest For Truth

I may fear, but will not fail
To win this fight that is so real.
I will soar although, I crawl
Can’t keep me down though, I may fall.

My reward is heaven bound
Real treasure here is never found.
Give me comfort, give me peace
Help me Jesus, help me please!

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16 Comments on “(untitled)”

  1. granbee Says:

    We love you, JessieJ, for the strength and faith you express here. The Lord IS your strong defense in time of need!


  2. worshipandswag Says:

    Bless you Jessie for this post. I was starting to worry about your long absence from your WordPress family but it’s all good I see. :)


  3. Richard Ward WIlson Says:

    Help as you know is already here, but we may be somewhere else.


  4. poeticjourney Says:

    Love it! Very lovely piece! God Bless :)


  5. Brush Arbors Says:

    Great Job Jessie… Blessings Bro Pat.


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