Surviving the Storm

March 27, 2012


Sometimes God calms the storm…

sometimes He lets the storm rage

and calms His child.

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8 Comments on “Surviving the Storm”

  1. creativeboys Says:

    God has everything plan for us, when a storm comes, god knows whats his doing and have every reason for doing it. Thanks for the post! :)


  2. granbee Says:

    I seem to have seen this thought somewhere else recently, but I am even more impacted seeing it here! We rest calmly and safely in His Arms when we just let go and fall into those arms, no matter the storms all around.


  3. Derek Mansker Says:

    I trust you are knowing the presence of God where you are at today, even if the storm still rages.


  4. brianwilliamsen Says:

    So true. He has a plan for us… we just have to find a way to trust that :)


  5. Vince Chough Says:

    Right now I got a raging one on the outside and inside… trying to let Him be Him.


  6. Dicky Says:

    He calms my thoughts and makes me focus on Him.


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