Beauty for Ashes!

April 3, 2012


My head remains down and focused at His feet as the surrounding fire rages all around me. I replace my vision of the struggle with a vision of the cross instead. I do not see the struggle ~ I see Christ who has already conquered the struggle. I am choosing not to focus on the flames, but rather on Him, because His blood will extinguish every one of those flames and beauty WILL rise from the ashes!

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12 Comments on “Beauty for Ashes!”

  1. Freedomborn Says:

    Easter is a time of rememberance, a time of thankfulness, a time of Joy… Many Blessings Jessie to you and your Loved ones. Christaian Love – Ron and Anne


  2. granbee Says:

    A very vivid replay of what some Chrisitan martyrs have actually experienced. Reminding us of the ultimate sacrifice which we commorate during this Blessed Holy Week and Eastertide. Thank you, dearest JessieJ!


  3. jelillie Says:

    This is so good. I will take it with me into the bonfore that is the day. He is my hope and joy!


  4. Derek Mansker Says:

    Keep your eyes on Him. The world crumbles, but the cross stands.


  5. Good News Says:

    Jessie; This is one very uplifting piece of writing..You always make my day with your post’s… May God richly bless you … Bro Pat.


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