No One

December 19, 2012

A Quest For Truth

I am no one
Just forget me
We never met
So, no regrets.

I must have had
No effect
So heart and soul
Won’t conflict.

Say goodbye
I won’t cry
We have no time
So you decide.

I’ll see you on
The other side
Oh, no – wait!
It’s judgment time.

May God forgive
Not cast you aside
As you have me
For the last time.

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8 Comments on “No One”

  1. Author of Christian Comfort & Conversation Says:

    You are so gifted. I love your heart’s melody. May we not judge but forgive. Just beautiful…



  2. The Other Side of Ugly Says:

    You are a part of all that exists and your poetry is beautiful…but made me sad…because people really feel that way. I hope you don’t..


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Awww… thanks so much. And I do feel this way sometimes (that’s how I can write about it) but not right now. I have learned that people can be mean and judgemental even as they profess to be lovers of Christ, but I’ve also come to believe that it’s their choice and their loss. It still makes me sad though, too.


  3. Wendell A. Brown Says:

    Beautiful poem Jessie, i really loved its message…i am loving the way you are writing now…it is always so inspiiring my sister! Thanks for sharing! P.S. I will never cast you aside…God bless!


  4. Rick Stassi Says:

    So thankful God will never cast us away. Praying peace and His comfort always. Know He loves you so much sister.


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