Teach Me, Lord

December 8, 2012

A Quest For Truth

Teach me to walk slower, Lord
So that I may truly see
All of the wonderful treasures
You have given me.

Teach me to take the time, Lord
To stop and smell the flowers
For, I can never rewind my life
Or relive the hurried hours.

Teach me to think before I speak, Lord
Lest, my words cause injury or pain.
May I never push a friend away
Rather, I edify them in what I say.

Teach me to consider others, Lord
To hear their pleas, to know their needs.
To remember I am a servant of Christ
In my every thought, word and deed.

Teach me to pray, Lord
To have faith and trust in You.
May I learn to be silent and listen
For what You would have me do.

Teach me to be like You, Lord
Easy to love and quick to forgive.
May I be bold and courageous
To live this life, You died to give.


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