November 22, 2011

A Quest For Truth

Those traumas I’ve faced have not been easy
I’ve often questioned their value in tears
But it was allowed to shape my character
So that into my life He could appear.

I will not harbor anger or resentment
Nor do I have a need for revenge
For God has kept a record of every wrong
It’s because of His judgment man should repent.

I will not keep the pain or the heartache
For God has counted my every tear
I am grateful to lay it on the altar
In exchange for His arms which cradle me dear.

God is my Creator
He knew me before I was born
He planned me with true intent and purpose
Therefore… my life is not my own.

For this I owe God everything
But everything I have is His
Except the free will He gave me
The most remarkable of all His gifts.

With this there comes a choice
The most important one of all
Either I will spend eternity with Him
Or for eternity, I shall fall.

So many lies the devil will tell
Temptation to sin, he tries to prevail
But Gods grace and mercy will forever unveil
If I faithfully seek out His true will.

God is my source, my center, my rock
It is His foundation alone that I want
I cannot serve two masters at once
May I not conform to these worldly parts.

Daily I seek His guidance and direction
His forgiveness I’m most grateful for
Diligently He is sculpting this mold
So that in His likeness I will grow.

So in His footsteps I shall walk
Holding tight the hand of my Lord
And least I stumble He shall carry me
He’s promised never to forsake me.

If I look past the temporary to the eternal
If I submit to His will and die to my own
Then I will endure and He will transform me
The very nature of my heart, mind and soul.

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