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Lord, Don’t Let Me Quit!

January 30, 2013


I am tired and nearly spent I give my all – 100% It’s never enough May it be worth it. I feel so weak I’m on my knees I need your strength Lord, help me please. I cry out – Anguish and despair I believe You Not Satan’s snares.

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Teach Me, Lord

December 8, 2012


Teach me to walk slower, Lord So that I may truly see All of the wonderful treasures You have given me. Teach me to take the time, Lord To stop and smell the flowers For, I can never rewind my life Or relive the hurried hours. Teach me to think before I speak, Lord Lest, […]

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My Favorite Acapella Song

March 11, 2012


With you as my shepherd, I never have needs Down paths of righteousness, you always lead Now as I go through the valley of shadows dear Lord Take my hand one last time and I will follow REFRAIN: Oh, my Lord, I’m so ready to leave this world So take my hand and lead me […]

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Good Grief!

March 8, 2012


How good is grief for our growth It makes us travel certain roads Down difficult paths we would never venture If not forced to, by such displeasure. Grief refines us, makes us grow It begs us to seek Him and search our souls Such levels of intimacy with the Lord Can never be taught, or […]

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A Love Letter

March 5, 2012


Father God, I wish to be so close I can feel your breathe upon my face That your heart may beat in time to mine And I get lost within your gaze. I wish to be so close That your whisper is all I hear Cradle me within your arms Shelter me from fear. I […]

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Why Must We Suffer?

December 1, 2011


The Bible is chucked full of so many verses which instruct us to give Him thanks and praise at ALL times, and yes my friends, that means even during times of suffering. God is good and never changing, which makes Him worthy of our praise no matter what and in every circumstance. Did I lose […]

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My Prayer and Plea

November 24, 2011


Dear Lord, you know I try to be Perfect and righteous just like thee. My expectations are so high And yet, my failings do multiply. Throughout the day I try to stay Conscious of my thoughts and ways. As, there are struggles that persist And I wish I wouldn’t make any slips. Help that I […]

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To Live As I Pray

November 23, 2011


I bowed my head and knelt to pray, “Lord, bless everyone on this fine day. Please help others to do your will Let them know your love is real. Please heal the sick, feed the poor Give comfort and peace, I beg, forlorn.” Then I rose to seize the day In this secular world, gone […]

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I Beseech You, Lord

November 23, 2011


Take me, break me and make me, dear Lord Just what You want me to be. For, I thought I knew best, but life is a mess Bestow mercy and grace upon me. Help me discover how easy it is To be selfishly lost in my pride. Uncover weakness and greed in me So, I […]

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November 22, 2011

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Those traumas I’ve faced have not been easy I’ve often questioned their value in tears But it was allowed to shape my character So that into my life He could appear. I will not harbor anger or resentment Nor do I have a need for revenge For God has kept a record of every wrong […]

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November 21, 2011


There’s a little girl with tears in her eyes And people often wonder why She can’t understand what this world has come to So I write this song showing what faith can do (I tell her) Don’t be afraid my little child Wipe away those tears, let me see a smile Your understanding is as […]

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