I Beseech You, Lord

November 23, 2011

A Quest For Truth

Take me, break me and make me, dear Lord
Just what You want me to be.
For, I thought I knew best, but life is a mess
Bestow mercy and grace upon me.

Help me discover how easy it is
To be selfishly lost in my pride.
Uncover weakness and greed in me
So, I may be a servant of Christ.

Give me strength for all You allow,
The faith to see what You bring.
May I have courage to live out Your will
And not my own selfish schemes.

Help me believe in all that You promise
And trust it is mine to receive.
Forgive me for all I have willfully done
May humility and sorrow change me.

I fall to my knees, I beseech You, dear Lord
I submit my will at Your feet.
Dry my tears and erase my fears
I’m so grateful, You’re always within reach.

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4 Comments on “I Beseech You, Lord”

  1. tacticianjenro Says:

    You’re welcome! And yes, He is! Would love to share my blog post at greyskeilrainbow.wordpress.com with you- :)


  2. tacticianjenro Says:

    God is always with us and will never let us go! :) Quite a nice poem…


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