My Prayer and Plea

November 24, 2011

A Quest For Truth

Dear Lord, you know I try to be
Perfect and righteous just like thee.
My expectations are so high
And yet, my failings do multiply.

Throughout the day I try to stay
Conscious of my thoughts and ways.
As, there are struggles that persist
And I wish I wouldn’t make any slips.

Help that I obey your word
That I’m not a hypocrite, from whom you turn.
Help me shed these tears of grief
While kneeling at your mercy-seat.

This is a battle I cannot win
Alone in my flesh, I’m carnal sin.
With all the good I know I do
Evil exists within this flesh too.

That’s why I need thy precious blood
To cover me in a healing flood.
May your sacrifice not be in vain
Convict my heart with saving grace.

Dear Lord, you know my deepest need
You know the prayer by which I plead.
You know how good I want to be
Perfect and righteous – just like thee.

I’m grateful you’ve never turned from me
When earnestly I’ve come to thee.
And once again the truth I face
I am a sinner – saved by grace.

(Romans 7:13-25)


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