My True Love

November 24, 2011

A Quest For Truth, Articles, Soul Seeds

I have prayed for companionship
And my life’s true love.
I have been forever seeking
For that special soul to love.

An emptiness I have always felt
That has longed to be fulfilled.
Worldly treasures, earthly gain
Could never satisfy the lonely pain.

It has taken much to realize
That the very one I sought,
Was waiting all along for me
Though, it wasn’t whom I thought.

I believed it laid in others –
The worth and value I sought.
Instead, it lay in Jesus
By His sacrifice, I’ve been bought.

Finally, my search is over
My greatest love I have found.
In Christ all truth, life and love
Forever more shall now abound.

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10 Comments on “My True Love”

  1. Angela Says:

    Hi Jessie, I’m glad I found you through my blog. Your site flows with love :-). I walk a path, like all paths, that runs along side the next one; different, but going the same way. :-). I too try to help those who have/had great challenges in their lives like those you describe so vividly on your site. I do it through my spiritual connection to those who have passed over and relay their words and experiences – not unlike some you have here – especially to help young people (you can find the link in my About section if you want to take a look). And of course, my connection to the Source energy/God that is at the heart of all of us. I’m pleased to have connected to you, Jessie – I feel that you help many who read your words here. Blessings to you :-)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      “Your site flows with love” is such a wonderful compliment and it is my intent, so it’s pleasing to hear that’s how it’s being received. Thank you so much and for sharing :)



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