Many Fears

December 6, 2013

A Quest For Truth

Fear to fly and soar up high
Yet, fear to fall and say goodbye

Fear to achieve and even succeed
For I know what greed and wealth can mean

Fear to gain and then to lose
Fear to dream whatever I choose

Fear of becoming all I have seen
Fear that hatred might consume me

Fear to forgive and to receive
Of not knowing love as it’s meant to be

Fear of man and living life
Fear of dying without Christ.


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5 Comments on “Many Fears”

  1. oldpoet56 Says:

    Simply beautiful.


  2. anonymousonetoo Says:

    this poem got me in the guts. it made me cry.


  3. medicinalmeadows Says:

    Understanding fear is very important. Most people miss the notion all too much.
    Bless you for having that greater understanding and help for others. Words of believe
    are so unique.


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