Dear Jessie

August 16, 2016

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Letters of Christian Love…

Dear Jessie,

When I read your story, my heart bled and I was moved by God to reach out to you. Even though we are a very small congregation, we believe in helping anyone we can, when we can. Your story certainly rings in our ears and we know that not all who claim to belong to GOD actually care about what GOD cares about. We pray that GOD will open a window of blessing that will renew your faith in Him and give you the resources you need beyond measure, so that you will be able to help others also. We will continue to pray for you and the complete restoration of all you need in the coming days. Don’t lose faith in GOD, only believe what He is showing you in others. Not for the intent of hardening your heart, but that you might know there is a difference between believers and doers. Those who serve Him in word only and those who serve Him in deed also. As true believers, we love you. Know that someone out there cares. 

Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
~ Rev.

Dear Jessie loving

THIS… This is the kind of support, love and encouragement we ALL deserve. If you don’t find yourself surrounded by such individuals, perhaps it’s time to move on. I have read this particular letter so many times it’s already starting to wear. I think mostly because it felt like God was speaking directly to my heart and soul… Reaching out, wrapping me in His loving arms, holding me… Drying my tears, calming my mind, healing my heart and comforting my soul. Especially after all we’ve been through since moving back to California again.

Dear jessie loving4

Dear Jessie,

I’ve long ago been empowered by the frankness of your writings and know the courage and love depth you come from to be able to give at that level of transparency and commitment.

~ A Friend in Christ

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your letters and messages like this of encouragement and support ~ They couldn’t be more timely. Know that where my faith in man has dwindled, you have helped restore and renew my hope. As for my relationship with God… Please know that all is good there, my friends. It is the one thing man cannot take from me. Though man may rob and strip me of everything else in this world, he cannot touch my faith in GOD. That doesn’t mean I don’t have some rather one-sided quarrels with Him still, but it’s like most parent/child relationships I think… For, He is my Father.

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6 Comments on “Dear Jessie”

  1. poeticjourney Says:

    You ran across my mind friend, I hope all is well with you and yours. It’s true you never know who live you touch with your journey and words. God Bless 🙂


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Long time my friend… So glad to hear from you :) Yes, all is good and hope the same for you. One of these days, I’ll be coming back around here to write regularly again. Blessings and hugs beautiful!


  2. jacquelineobyikocha Says:

    These are beautiful testimonies. You never know whose life you’ll affect in a positive way by keeping your light shining.


  3. kindredspirit23 Says:

    I haven’t been attentive to your posts as of late. Many things have been going on and, though I know God’s hand is in each item, event, and circumstance, it can still pound into me over time. I wanted you to know that your posts seem to calm my heart. As with you, my faith in God is unwavering. He is never the problem; He is the answer. People let me down all the time; He never has and never will. It is a wonderfully amazing thing to utterly know that and apply it to your life. So many things I have prayed for in my lifetime have happened and will be happening at just the right moment.
    So, I hope it is with your life,


  4. Red Dog Garage Says:

    Wow!!! What a blessing. I recalled my first Sunday in church after my ex-wife filed for divorce (she was at the same service). A highly respected member, theologian, and teacher choose that morning to seek me out and sit next to me. A true gesture of supporting a fellow believer.


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