Happy Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2014

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Memorial Day

I cannot visit
your graves this year;
Your lives which ended
so I could stay here.

A price that was paid
like Christ on the cross,
Most never realizing
how much it has cost.

But, in my heart you’ll always stay
kindred Spirits, souls find their way.
My tears, unashamed, freely fall
may we remember them now, remember them all.


Past, present and future
we honor those who serve.

As a country
may we live our lives in such a way
which portrays that your service and sacrifice
was… nor, is it ever… in vain.


Happy Veteran’s Day
to the Hero’s of our land

For a time that’s bittersweet
Because of you ~ we still stand!

Souls Seeds… 

Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day go hand in hand. I cannot acknowledge one without the other, anymore than I could thank our military service members without also acknowledging other divisions, which (like it or not) really do go hand in hand. Different agencies and branches may have ongoing pissing contests, but when it comes down to the wire… that’s when you really get to see what matters the most and what people stand for. Most of the time, that is when I am the proudest to live in, protect and serve our country in any fashion that I may be called to do.

If you have a place of service and protection to our country, government and her citizens, whether it be through the military or other state and federal branches (FBI, CIA, Independent Agents, US Marshals, local Law Enforcement, etc.) then in my book, ALL of you need to be thanked, not just on this day, but every day. Every single day that we rise with the ability to speak and live as we choose, we should feel gratitude towards those who make it possible for us to do so. I don’t think most of us recognize just how fortunate we are to enjoy the freedoms and liberties that we do on a regular basis. Just as the majority of people aren’t even aware of all the special ops and missions that go in order to keep them and their loved ones safe and secure in this great land.

Thank you… to ALL our men and women of service, but mostly to my fellow comrades and their families. It is an honor, bond and love which often times, leaves us without words. Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!

“Freedom Is Never Free”


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18 Comments on “Happy Veteran’s Day”

  1. johncoyote Says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    A powerful blog. The Vietnam wall I had seen. Leave you with a deep sadness. I agree. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.


  2. Harbans Says:

    The poem has brought out wonderful feelings for those give their today for our tomorrow.


  3. rondita Says:

    I love that poem! :) Veterans should be respected today and every day.


  4. blessedaaron08 Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I am wounded in so many ways from serving my country, if not for the spirit of God I surely would be a basket case. I hope that pastor that offended you is in your prayers, I fail people sometimes also as a man, but I have learned integrity from my faults. Pray without ceasing 👏👌❤👊


  5. jmsabbagh Says:

    They deserve our gratitude and our gratefulness. God bless the. Great thoughts. J.M.


  6. clara54 Says:

    It is an honor and a privilege to honor our fallen heroes and those who came back to us! Great post and poem on this important day of remembrance.

    Peace & Blessings,


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