Thank You Gulf Coast!

December 12, 2014


Are my dreams of becoming a travel blogger to support good causes really coming to life? It certainly feels like I’m on the right path. I suppose before that can happen though, I need to conquer my fears of flying, lol!

Within the past two weeks I have needed to fly over a dozen times, so at the very least, it seems I’m finally getting over it. Believe me… there’s nothing that will conquer your fears faster than coming face to face with them multiple times within a short period or time frame! In fact, I might even suggest such an approach after experiencing all of this. Barely having enough time to get over the emotional roller coaster our fears tend to create, before we get all revved up and have to do it again, does seem to have its benefits.

The more we do it, the less we fear it!

My fear of flying is turning into a fascination though, which is both amazing and amusing :) I just got back from Mississippi and don’t think I even had tears this time around. I was able to keep my eyes open during most of our take offs and watched with growing curiosity, as the wing gear did it’s thing. I also realized buried within me is a natural interest for aerial photography, which is a complete surprise! I didn’t know you could see so much from up there and the different perspectives from a creative standpoint are absolutely incredible!

Gracious Hosts

Once again, I must express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to my host(s) for the wonderful accommodations and handling all the details. This time I even got to experience First Class, so now I understand what all the fuss is about, lol! In fact, I had such a great time with the Captain and flight crew that trip, I completely forgot I was even flying again. Talk about feeling spoiled! Yes, I could definitely get used to this. But, even if I were to never fly again, the opportunities, experiences, connections made, and lessons learned these past couple of weeks have been amazing and I wouldn’t change any of it!

So, I have been very fortunate these past couple of weeks to circle both the Gulf and the East Coast, which couldn’t be a more timely escape where the Colorado winter is concerned. I don’t think I’ve even gotten sick here yet this time, which I believe is simply because I’ve been able to be gone so much (I have an auto immune disorder and they’re having the worst flu season ever here, to include a new strand the vaccines aren’t even covering although, I can’t get vaccinated anyways.) *Therefore, please know I am available for work and travel as much as possible, especially during the next few months.

Life’s Necessary Breaks

I even got a couple of hours to break and visit the shoreline. I could not have been happier! Silent (happy) tears fell, as I listened to the waves and watched the birds circle during sunset. To feel the softness of the ultra velvet white powder sand again… To be reminded of the smell and taste of the salt water, as I rinsed my hands and licked my palms… To be immersed in a gentle cocoon of warm coastal waters, as I drifted out to sea, never to return…

Just kidding, lol! I really couldn’t believe how warm the water was still though, and wanted so much to go swimming, but was basically ordered that I could not because they’d never get me out! It really was the happiest I’ve been since moving back to CO.

This trip further confirmed what I already knew of those things which are a part of my soul and beckon my Spirit… Those things which are so much a part of who I am and what I need to be doing to feel whole, complete, and thrive in the best ways possible in order to help others. I was definitely born to travel and to meet people from every walk of life from everywhere. That easily explains and puts to use why I’ve been allowed to have and survive so many different experiences too (many to the extreme.) So, it’s key that I make myself completely available for whatever He has in store now. Of course, regardless of my child being grown, God gave me her as a priority and I’ll never lose that focus. She will always be my greatest gift! I believe in the biblical principles of:

1. God  2. Family  3. Career

Multiple Lessons of Value

Besides finally conquering my fear of flying, an incredible trust which has been building during these trips, has finally been established as well. I was especially blown away this time to realize just how much the concepts behind learning how to harness ones fears about power and control, can really have in the business world. It is value you could never put a price tag on.

However, in an effort to shorten these publications and respect everyone’s time, I’ll pick up those lessons and observations in the very near future and in another post. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the pics! (Taken with the Notebook 3, as I didn’t have my camera.) I got some great ones during both trips though, that will be available as prints on my professional sight as well.

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15 Comments on “Thank You Gulf Coast!”

  1. deutschtrailers Says:

    Beautiful Pictures, thank you very much happy weekend Jessie…💗💗💗


  2. tonyasmithauthor Says:

    Thanks for sharing the great photos with us Jessie. I am extremely happy for how things are starting to fall in place for you! May GOD continue to show you favor and bless you.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Thanks so much Tony :) I actually have quite a few to sort through and play with ~ It’s nice to travel with people where I’m able to do that now. And it’s been a long time waiting for things to fall into place again, so yes… I’m very grateful and pray for continued momentum. Blessings my friend!


  3. joseph elon lillie Says:

    Awesome lessons learned. Sounds like God is opening up a wonderful opportunity for you.


  4. Eddie Lopez Says:

    A new travel blog or a travel category on this blog could be fantastic! Also, congratulations for conquering a fear. It feels really great and makes you feel more confident to face your dailiy challenges.


  5. Writing to Freedom Says:

    Congrats on facing your fears and living your dreams. I could do more of both. Great pics too Jessie. :)


  6. andy1076 Says:

    Sounds like you enjoyed some very well deserved R&R and wow! what beautiful photos to give you the reflections :) :)


  7. theoldfellowgoesrunning Says:

    I did enjoy the pics, and the reading! :)
    Am very excited for the new opportunities you had coming your way.
    That is AMAZING Jessie, flying over a dozen times within 2 weeks.
    Thank for sharing! :)


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