Born Void… is the psychopath next door

December 6, 2012

A Quest For Truth

Sorrow I feel that you will never know
The deeply affective states which move our souls
Those extraordinary moments which are born everyday
Derived from the tragedies and triumphs that come our way.

Each of them treasured and weighed with great measure
As we distinguish between them, anguish and pleasure
They help us decide our values to be
Meant as a moral compass to guide our beliefs.

But, to travel that road you will never know
For you are void… of heart and soul.


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7 Comments on “Born Void… is the psychopath next door”

  1. gshow Says:

    LOVED THIS! ~ Thank you for it! I will share with some friends. :)


  2. Wendell A. Brown Says:

    I loved the poem Jessie, you are stepping further away from the past! Continue to blossom for your words have an impact and a lot of meaning to many…keep sharing dear sister! I love the way you are writing and sharing especially the images you share from your camera!


  3. Rick Stassi Says:

    “But, to travel that road you will never know
    For you are void…” The road is through Jesus, the Spirit guides our travels, and God gives us triumphant joy. Poor and hapless are those that will never know. God is so great. He grieves for those who are void of heart and soul. I pray for them as once I was void and know the empty path. Thank you for that poem.


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