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Give Me A Reason

May 15, 2014


brick foundation

PLEASE give me a reason NOT to believe this statement… “All men are alike.” Of course, I don’t really think this is true about men in general and I dislike stereotypes very much. However, I must admit it can be a struggle at times, just as it is with anyone we meet in life. I […]

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How To Move On (let the fight fuel you – part 2)

January 31, 2014


Heart on Fire - from victim to survivor

A guide to help victims become survivors. QUESTION: As a survivor, how do you let the fight fuel you? Another words, how do you let the fight for survival – the grief, guilt, anger, and even the hate – fuel you instead of drain you, after you’ve been victimized or suffered great trauma? Have you […]

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Habit #5

December 29, 2013



 “Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood.”  When we are able to take this approach, it helps us not to take things so personally or become defensive during conversations. It helps us not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions about a situation. When we learn to approach conflict or disagreements with a desire […]

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Be A Blessing To Others

December 21, 2013


Be A Blessing To Others!

It doesn’t matter what you are blessed with (talent, health, finances, etc.) If you have it, you can share it! When we give back we are showing gratitude for what we have been given. I think we each have a responsibility to give back in the ways that we can. Those ways may even change over […]

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A Christmas Story of Gratitude

December 20, 2013



Holidays have a way of reminding us about all the things we are grateful for. They have a way of motivating us to help others and do good. I think we can agree though that we should strive for these things to be present in our lives on a daily basis and not just on […]

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Grateful For You!

October 24, 2013


Do Not Grow Weary

This is a text my daughter received from one of her friends… My daughter didn’t even get half way through reading this to me and I was bawling my eyes out, face buried in my hands (it seems there’s been a lot of that going on lately.) The way this young lady has encouraged me, […]

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Blogging For Dollars!

October 15, 2013


Blogging For Dollars!

I never thought I’d use a title like, “Blogging For Dollars!” but it seems appropriate. After all, it is a part of what I do. For almost 2 years I had a handful of regular supporters (people who made consistent monthly donations to this site) besides random gifts that would come in. But, then I […]

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September 28, 2013



The emotion I have lived around the most is anger. It may be what I know best. I grew up in a home full of it, my real family has mastered it, the types of people and cases I have been involved with are rooted in it, and nearly all of my past relationships have […]

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A Victim’s Love

November 9, 2012


My Knight in shining armor, so quick to the rescue He speaks the perfect words – he can’t be superficial. No fault does he have that I’m willing to see Nothing I won’t excuse or pretend not to believe. For, I feel so empty until he appears Inside I am lost with many fears. Too […]

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November 20, 2011



Estimated read time: 15 minutes (based upon true events) Kidnapped Part 1 “Come on! Those guys want to talk to us,” Julie exclaims as she skips over to a black sedan that’s pulled up alongside the curb. I approach cautiously with a dubious expression on my face, stopping just behind the vehicle. Julie leans into […]

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