You Tucked Me In

November 21, 2011

A Quest For Truth

As a little girl growing up
rarely was I tucked in.
It’s a gift I’ve given my daughter
everyday and now she is ten.

The lights were out, a candle was lit
you laid there by my side.
Our prayers were lifted up to heaven
you kissed me and we hugged goodnight.

“Sweet dreams,” you said and quietly left
with each of us girls tucked in our beds.
Short and sweet, my security complete
no fear, just happiness and relief.

Dear God, I thought as you locked the door
he treats me just like Jesus would.
“I love you,” I whispered as my tears overflowed

for the comfort and peace you had bestowed.

Thank you Father, I then prayed
for this protector of my life in so many ways.
A man whose strength lies in his beliefs
a Godly man who loves me, for being me.

~written for a man I will always love~

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4 Comments on “You Tucked Me In”

  1. camary1996 Says:

    I LOVE that poem! God bless you!


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