Someones Child

November 21, 2011

A Quest For Truth

My name is Jenny
I’m only four
I cannot smile
My eyes are sore.

You’ll never know
How much I cry
So many beatings
I wonder why.

I can’t make mistakes
This I have learned
Or I am punished
With 3rd degree burns.

I must never be bad
Or I’ll go hungry
I must be perfect
Then you will love me.

At times I wake
Scared and alone
It might be days
Until you come home.

My baby brother
Makes you mad
I’ll make him be good
So, you hit me instead.

You are so proud
As I roll a joint
I am only eight
I heat your crank.

I cannot say no
If you’re in my bed
More than bruises
Blood instead.

They curse my name
I feel so bad,
For I am hated
By my mom and dad.

Be quiet now
I hear a car
It’s mommy and daddy
Home from the bar.

Is it too late?
I try to hide…
There are demons
Controlling his mind.

My name is Jenny
I would’ve been ten
But tonight my daddy
Murdered me, instead.


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