November 21, 2011

A Quest For Truth

Growing up I was always told
That I’d never amount to anything good.
I was always treated like an object
For others to abuse whenever they wanted.
I wasn’t allowed to show any feelings
These I had to learn to bury.

Oh daddy, if only you could see me now
If you weren’t so hurt, you might be proud.
I learned that most of what you taught me was wrong;
I only wanted you to love me, like you do your son.
I’m trying to free myself of all those terrible things you did
Before I not only hated you, but I wished you were dead.

Now I am helping myself, I am learning how to forgive
Not because you deserve it, but so it doesn’t destroy who I am.
I am growing up and you can’t hurt me anymore
You’ll never control me like you did before.

I have divorced myself from you,
You’re not my daddy anymore.


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