A Shepherd’s Care

February 29, 2012

A Quest For Truth, Soul Seeds

A shepherd’s care for his flock
Is not to be untold
He shares a plea to keep his sheep
Safe within its folds.

Yet as he does, if one should stray
Into the cold fields alone
He’ll follow them and earnestly seek
To save their lives, their souls.

Why such concern for a wandering lamb?
As its only ONE life you say.
Because, Christ our King knows each by name
He died for ONE that day!

Therefore shepherds, tend to your flock
Nurture and feed them HIS way!
Please, practice what you preach each day
So your lambs won’t go astray.

Have courage to be the leader He’s called
And guide your flock towards Heavens home.
For, if sheep get lost, what a terrible cost
Some shepherds may have to pay!


Soul Seeds…

Each of us has God given gifts and talents to be used for the glory of His Kingdom. While I believe all of them are uniquely needed to compliment the body of Christ as a whole , I think our leaders have been given a special charge to guide and lead the souls under their care. I think this applies to ALL forms of leadership from our government to our pastors and elders, and even to our husbands as the head of our homes. This certainly isn’t to mean that all the responsibility is theirs though or that we aren’t accountable for ourselves. It doesn’t mean they aren’t going to make mistakes either. I do believe it means they need our support and respect more than ever though. I also believe that each of us as Christians has a responsibility to love and nurture others just as a shepherd cares for His flock, so that they may see Jesus in you and I then hopefully, they’ll want what we have!

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15 Comments on “A Shepherd’s Care”

  1. jesusmyjoy Says:

    Jessie i haven’t heard from you.are you ok..


  2. granbee Says:

    We DO need to feed his Lambs each and every day! Bless you for this post! If we love Him, we are commanded to Feed His Lambs!


  3. pbus1 Says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Wonderful post! Thanks for planting the “soul seeds.” The poem was beautiful! God bless!



  4. Derek Mansker Says:

    The sheep know the shepherd’s voice. This is true even when the sheep are mixed together and the shepherd is covered up. Amazing! God gives us such beautiful pictures of our relationship with Him.


  5. desiray Says:

    Hello Jessie good post I just heard a teaching on this last night on the radio and me and a few other people commented about what the shepherd is to be. Jesus being our model and how He loved us so much that He left the 99 just to go and get that one which was lost. Thanks for sharing.


  6. poeticjourney Says:

    Beautiful written! God Bless :)


  7. DrT Says:

    thanks for ‘liking’ my posts–I love to read your blog.


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