In The Flesh

March 2, 2012

A Quest For Truth

May my words fall silent
If my tongue wants to lie.
May my pride be exposed
If I become haughty in life.
May my jealousy be subdued
If I envy what isn’t mine.
May my anger be dissolved
If I seek revenge for a wrong.
May my greed be squandered
If I desire selfish pleasures.
May I remember the trials of Christ
If I forget to live and love this life.
May I not claim these as mine
For sins of the flesh are Satan’s demise.

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18 Comments on “In The Flesh”

  1. terri0729 Says:

    Wow!!! Great poem Jessie! That movie scared me to death when I saw it the first time! hugs and love, Terri


  2. withloveweovercome Says:

    Really share this sense of determintation to push firmly away from the desires of my former self, the things the world uses to drag me from God. So hard sometimes, and I find myself often confusing my sin with my self, and instead of hating my sin I project that anger and hate inward. I know that there is nothing that suppresses God in our lives more than forgetting who we are in Christ :)

    I’ll be praying for you, thanks for following my blog (I’ve done the same with yours) and thank you for sharing this with us!

    In Christ,


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      It’s wonderful to meet you Pete and thanks for taking the time to visit. I think the idea of “hate the sin, but not the sinner” is one of mans greatest struggles, even as a Christian. Once we’re able to grasp the concept though, it makes things like forgiveness so much easier to live out. What helps me is the idea that I believe sin and evil come from Satan and I hate Satan therefore, I hate sin and evil too. But, people are ALL God’s creation, we are ALL His children and God is love, so I love ALL God’s children. This has to include myself as well and for that I also take from scripture that after He created us and the world, He said, “it is good.” Much easier to “say” all this though, I agree and it’s a constant battle. Many blessings to you as well!


      • withloveweovercome Says:

        I always have to come back to the opening verses of Romans 8, where it says we have in Christ “fully met the righteous requirements of the law”. Basically God sees us as saints who sin, not sinners who occasionally creep into the throne room! God is pretty awesome, even when we are not :)


  3. Sunshine Says:

    Beautiful words Jessie . . . thank you!


  4. desiray Says:

    Our flesh just needs to take a seat, I find myself telling God to sit it down to shut it up and strip it away because the flesh wants what it wants when it want it and brings nothing but destruction to us.


  5. lscotthoughts Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Jessie~Blessings and hugs to you this evening~ xx


  6. granbee Says:

    May each of these wishes also be mine this blessed second Friday of Lent, dear jessie! Praying for you and yours, as always!


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