Don’t Trust The Past

April 25, 2012

A Quest For Truth

When you ask me how I feel
I may fall silent and forget what’s real
When you ask me what I want
Again the silence – a foreign thought.

For, the past has made me so afraid
To be myself or know my own name
I wasn’t asked about my thoughts,
How I felt or what I wanted
And if I dared to speak a word
I never challenged what I heard
Or quickly whipped into my place
The man in charge might bruise my face
To fear his reaction I had learned
I’d lose love if my voice was heard
So I conformed to his every want
And the twisted desires of his heart
My own needs did not exist
Just to stay alive was such a gift.

But you are different from all the rest
You love me like Jesus – that is the test.

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24 Comments on “Don’t Trust The Past”

  1. granbee Says:

    WOW–to find someone who loves us “like Jesus”–marvelous!


  2. joseyphina Says:

    Nice piece there, Jessie.


  3. Desiray Says:

    Good day my dear


  4. withloveweovercome Says:

    The past is always jealous of our present, seeking to drag us back into what we used to know. I’m glad that God is a God of the present, the I Am, and will keep you close. Praying for you.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      The way you’ve worded this is so very inspiring Pete and offers ideas for another poem :) Thank you so much my friend! I appreciate your prayers as well. May your own walk with the Lord continue to shine outward as a loving example for all the world to see!


  5. lscotthoughts Says:

    This tugs at my heart, Jessie, knowing what you’ve experience, but I love your ending of hope! Hugs and Blessings to you…xo


  6. Wendell A. Brown AKA The Brown One Poet Says:

    I will be there for you in the morning,
    each day when the sun does rise,
    I will be there to kiss and hug you
    That very moment you open your eyes

    And as you rise up in the morning
    i will place within your heart a smile
    So that every waking moment after
    Will make your day so very worthwhile

    Believe in me and the love i give
    as it never changes at all each day
    Except as it goes out to all my children
    Becoming much better in everyway

    And when you pray and close your eyes
    Please never again embrace former fears
    For my love will embrace you every night
    And while you sleep my spirit will be near.

    Jessie, as i read your poem, my spirit
    was moved to write…it just came as a
    poem for you! You are gifted and God
    love you greatly! Much love and many
    blessing to you my sister


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      WOW! This is truly wonderful my friend and brought sweet tears to my eyes… thank you so much!! You’re very talented too ~ I can’t come up with something so quickly although, I wish I could, but it usually takes me more time than I’d like :) Your kindness, support and encouragement are very much appreciated. Many blessings to you and once again… thank you!


  7. Good News Says:

    Jessie; Wonderful poem… Many Blessings .. Bro Pat.


  8. Francina Says:

    Wonderful poem and very well expressed, Jessie
    Ciao, Francina xx


  9. nightshade130 Says:

    This Is beautiful Jessie. The Past can’t hold us back from our Jeremiah 29:11 futures. Stay blessed hun.

    Sherline :D


  10. jadedheart Says:

    I love this, it speaks so perfectly the thoughts and fears so many of us have lived through, and ending with the hope we all crave and strive for!! :)


  11. deanjbaker Says:

    enjoyed this, Jessie


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