Scars are Beautiful

Do not tell me I am beautiful
If my scars you have not seen…

The scars on my arms and legs
From being stabbed and cut with blades,
The scars on my back from being whipped,
Or the scars across my stomach from being sick

Do not tell me I am beautiful
Not until you see
Both the darkness and the light
Consuming my mind, in a fight to be free

Do not tell me I am beautiful
Until you have seen me cry
When I break down and show you
Everything, I keep buried deep inside

Do not tell me I am beautiful
Until you know what plagues me
Night terrors and horrors
Please hold me… arms of safety

Do not tell me I am beautiful
If my fears you have not heard;
If my soul you do not understand
Because of pain I have endured

Do not tell me I am beautiful
Until you have cared for me ill
From diseases I was born with
As I fight to stay well

Do not tell me I am beautiful
If my scars you have not seen…
The ones burned deep into my flesh
And my very being

If after you see all of my scars, learn of my fears
And listen to even a portion of what I have survived…
If after all of that, you still accept me and think I am beautiful

If you can kiss my scars without pity
And not be ashamed of me –
If you can see how all of them make me
The perfect woman, survivor and being

Then maybe… just maybe, I will believe you.
I will believe you when you tell me that,
“I am beautiful…”
I am a beautiful woman and human being.

Soul Seeds…

Whether they are visible or not… Every scar tells a story and is a part of who I am. Every scar is a mark of survival. Every scar reminds me that I am stronger than that which tried to hurt me or destroy me. Scars are beautiful and I am not damaged goods! Do not hide them or feel ashamed. Kiss and embrace each one, because they help make you the person you are today. YOU are beautiful, YOU are strong and YOU are loved!

“My wounds are the battle scars of my survival
and I wear them as a shield of inspiration for all to see!”
~Jessie Jeanine

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41 Comments on “Scars are Beautiful”

  1. secretangel Says:

    Powerful! Yes, every scar tells a story and every test leads to a testimony. Your testimony of all that you have gone through and your resounding faith in God will help many who remain broken and angry with God. God bless you, Jessie!!


  2. Indira Says:

    Very powerful and inspiring poem. It has a great message in it.


  3. Baydreamer Says:

    This is powerful, Jessie, and I don’t know how I missed it. I know a little about you, but not everything, and yet, I’d like to say that you are beautiful; you are a survivor; you are a wonderful mom; you are a special human being. I’m happy to know you even through cyber space and I continue to keep you in my prayers…I hope life is sailing smoothly for you and your daughter now, too…sending much love and many hugs…xo


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      I’ve always kept you and your family in prayer as well Lauren. Perhaps one of these days we’ll sit ocean side over a cup of coffee and share some of our stories. If not, it’s enough to know we’re part of the same great big family and neat to think of how we might be sharing the same view while penning our poetry :) HUGS!


  4. tonyasmithauthor Says:

    Thanks for sharing your life with others Jessie. I know you are helping many people who have been through what you have been through. I am sorry for all of the pain you have had to go through in your life though.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Thank you so much Tony. It seems like it’d all be worthless if I didn’t share it. Although scary, voicing it helps us heal, gives us strength and helps put some sort of purpose behind it. God can use it once we’re strong enough to let it go. I refuse to let it all be for nothing. Your visit and kind words are much appreciated Tony. Blessings!


  5. Gretiana Says:

    Wow! You spoke for me there Jessie. I know it, I feel it, I’ve been there too.


  6. Venkat Says:

    Your poem brings everything in perspective and deeply moving. Took me into the prime years I suffered…


  7. McDaniel A. Gyamfi Says:

    Thanks for sharing…this is inner healing for the broke hearted and the will to rise above the storms.


  8. penpusherpen Says:

    Survival is the key, and to be viewed that way, no victim ever felt the way a survivor feels. xx


  9. IdealisticRebel Says:

    This is the most moving piece I have read in quite a while. I am also a survivor of child abuse. I am sorry you have suffered so much. But you are strong and a survivor. You are a heroine and a goddess. Hugs and blessings, Barbara


  10. silentlyheardonce Says:

    This powerful writing. Thanks to Andy I found you.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Well, thank you both! Receiving feedback from everyone, especially during a time of personal struggle, is like an answer to prayers. I take it as encouragement, support and confirmation to continue writing. Blessings to you both!


  11. cho wan yau Says:

    I note you list being a Christian first so your faith is very important. Did you ever wonder where God was when the abuse was happening?


  12. cho wan yau Says:

    We are beautiful simply because we are human beings and in spite of our battle scars we soldier on.


  13. andy1076 Says:

    Your words are so filled with so much power and inspiration, Beautiful! I’m not sure why or when I stopped following you, WordPress has been glitchy on me lately. Refolllowing again! :)


  14. gshow Says:

    So wonderfully written, and eloquently expressed. Who would have thought that such tragedy could knit such beauty.


  15. Writing to Freedom Says:

    Wow, powerful and poignant, Thanks for sharing your wisdom Jessie.


  16. Writing Sisters Says:

    The beauty of your words shows the power of the healing.


  17. balroop2013 Says:

    Hi Jessie,

    Scars don’t change the heart and the soul, they don’t change our dreams and desires, they don’t change the willpower and the determination to erase abuse from this world. Yes they give us the fortitude and the forbearance to fight the darkest and the dreariest beastly minds around us, who deserve hellish fires for ages.

    I can see all those scars…May I say, You are Beautiful?
    Thanks for sharing a profoundly beautiful poem.


  18. billgncs Says:

    it’s funny how love works — it can manifest the inner beauty beyond the external


  19. Vinny Says:

    This is really deep and has a great message, very well done! Really like these two lines right here, “Both the darkness and the light
    Consuming my mind, in a fight to be free”



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