You Think You Won

You’re not sorry for things you say
Words like daggers, you curse my name
You’re not sorry for things you do
The pain you cause – I’m black and blue.

Does hell exist? You’re the proof!
For, I know Satan because of you.
So, I am grateful our paths have crossed
My faith increased – God has not lost!

Soul Seeds…

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to discover God’s blessings within trials and tribulations, especially while we’re still in the midst of them. Perhaps the greatest blessing that can ever occur though, is when we choose to allow our hardships to bring us closer to God. My sincerest hope is that instead of blaming God for our pain and suffering, we will learn to trust Him with it. 

God is not to blame for our pain, but Satan is, and he hopes we will allow it to separate us from our Father during times of tribulation. Knowing we have the ability to make this ‘choice’ with every single struggle we face, can give us comfort and help ease the pain. 

When the battles of life bring us closer to God, we win the fight (regardless of having anything more to show for it) and the victory is ours, proving God has not lost!

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13 Comments on “You Think You Won”

  1. McDaniel A. Gyamfi Says:

    Thanks Jessie for the follow. It’s an honor!


  2. Diamondsongrass ~ Darlene Wiggins Says:

    Thank you for an inspirational post. Surely, In God, we are victorious. Love these words – “Perhaps the greatest blessing that can ever occur though, is when we choose to allow our hardships to bring us closer to God.


  3. Fayefinest Says:

    Thank you for this post!!!! I really needed to read this on today! I have also chosen you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Come to my site to claim yours : )


  4. Scott Sholar Says:

    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.


  5. Desiray Says:

    AMEN sis I agree with you on this. It’s in the midst that God wants our attention and we should draw closer to Him instead of drawing away from Him. I always say when problems or things don’t go the way I expected at least I was obedient to the call and in those moments comes my lesson He is wanting me to pass. God does not like ungodly things in His children so He will purify us and being purify is not easy it hurts you cry but at the end you come forth as gold…PURE GOLD AMEN

    SO you hang in there and stay strong it’s all for what He has purposed for you in this season to make you a better Jessie to better serve His people…


  6. Wendell A. Brown AKA The Brown One Poet Says:

    Spoken from a heart, which now is held in a loving embrace with Him!


  7. granbee Says:

    Victory in Jesus–absolutely!


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