Where Is God When It Hurts?

November 24, 2011

A Quest For Truth, Soul Seeds

I am being abused and I wonder where He is.
He is being whipped and nailed for sins He didn’t commit.

I am sinful and worldly, will He accept me?
He waits with forgiveness, I need only confess thee.

I am angry and hateful, where could God be?
He is seeing my faults, yet has mercy on me.

I am prideful and selfish, does He care if I obey?
He gave His only Son… there is no more to say.

My soul is in despair, what more does He want?
That I fall into submission with the free will He has given.

I am suffering and in pain, will He answer me?
He hung on the cross, He died for me.

I am crying out, does He know of my tears?
He counts every one for His day of judgment will come.

I am lonely and desperate, will He comfort me?
He gives the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me.

Where is God when I am weak and have nothing left?
He gives me His strength and carries me instead.

I am fearful of life and death, does He even care?
He became man, was buried and resurrected
to a life we will both share.

Soul Seeds…

Where is God when it hurts?

He is right beside me in my Christian family.
As my brothers and sisters are willing to share
of their time and energy, showing compassion and care
they are led by the Spirit and they truly convey
His love and character in so many ways.

So if in times I ever feel challenged
I will not doubt His presence for I know I am surrounded
and the purpose of pain is often profound –
He is transforming me, from the inside out.

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6 Comments on “Where Is God When It Hurts?”

  1. Lord Jesus Saves † Says:

    Amazing and so true! Beautifully put into words, Jessie!


  2. poeticjourney Says:

    Beautiful poem, his always with us even when we think we alone! Ty for sharing! God Bless U :)


  3. andy1076 Says:

    Love this post :)


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