Quit Trying So Hard!

January 16, 2014


“Why do you try so hard to fit in
when you were born to stand out?”

“Why do you try so hard to live a normal life
when you were born to live an extraordinary life?”

I have been asked questions, such as these,
by people from all walks of life
ever since I was a teenager.

It makes me wonder…

When will I quit fighting it so hard?
How can we learn to embrace ourselves and life even more?


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7 Comments on “Quit Trying So Hard!”

  1. Indira Says:

    Hi Jessie ! I loved this poem. I was always standing out like a sore finger in my family due to my inefficiencies, and how hard I tried to fit in. Only now I wonder was it worth it.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      I did the same thing Indira… And it was of no avail. Looking back, I can’t believe everything (mostly time) that I gave up and how much of myself I was willing to sacrifice, only to gain nothing of real or lasting value in return, because that’s not the kind of people they were. We often think others will respond or be like us ~ That if we’re good and do everything right, so will they, but that isn’t how it works. It’s taken me many tears over the years to learn how to accept that. It took a long time to find the beauty in such a thing too ~ And the real beauty is… God created us all with the freedom of choice. This is something I talk about quite a bit throughout my blog, so I hope you can get a sense of what I mean by that. Anyways my new friend, it’s good to have you here and I appreciate you reaching out. Take care!


  2. Wendell A. Brown Says:

    Jessie, you were uniquely made by our God, and all that has occurred in your life, has help to make you a genuine selfless voice that speaks out so much truth and wisdom on the many subjects you share. We are shaped by many things in our lives, like Joseph in the bible. My sister you are and will always be a true blessing to many…you have to me with your embracing words. With a Godly spiritual love I cherish you my sister. God bless you and your family always! Keep moving forward!


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      My dear man, you can always tell when my Spirit needs a little lift. I appreciate you so much! I had to let this one sink in for a couple of days, because I don’t know what to say. I’m just going to accept it and be grateful, so thank you. Many blessings, love, and hugs to you and your beautiful wife my friend.


  3. lscotthoughts Says:

    All I can say is “good questions!” I think, as humans, we’ll always carry even a tiny bit of insecurity, so these questions will always remain…:) Hugs!


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