Remember Jesus

November 24, 2011

A Quest For Truth

If ever I grow weary
With the weight of my load
May I remember Jesus
Who carried His cross alone.

If ever I am fearful
Of all that lay ahead
May I remember Jesus
Praying in the garden instead.

If ever I am rejected
By family, friend or foe
May I remember Jesus
He was slaughtered by His own.

If ever I am worried
About all I can’t control
May I remember Jesus
Who waits for heavenly souls.

If ever I feel burdened
By a request which is bestowed
May I remember Jesus
Who bore the worlds’ sins alone.

If ever I am ill and failing
With aches, pains and suffering
May I remember Jesus
His flesh… torn for my iniquities.

If ever I am envious
With want or jealous need
May I remember Jesus
Who gave His life for me.

If ever I am tempted
And think I cannot bear
May I remember Jesus
He overcame Satan’s snares.

If ever I am a victim
Of a vicious, hateful crime
May I remember Jesus
Who was innocently crucified.

If my soul writhes in agony
If ever I know such calamity
May I remember Jesus
Who pleads with all humanity.

If ever I am prideful
Deceived that I know it all
May I remember Jesus
Who submits – His will is not His own.

If ever I feel vengeful
Or hang onto a wrong
May I remember Jesus
For God justifies at His throne.

If ever I want to quit
And think I’ve none to give
May I remember Jesus
Who conquered death to save me from sin!

If ever I am grieved with loss
Feeling abandoned or alone
May I remember Jesus (crying)
“Father, why have you forsaken me so?”

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7 Comments on “Remember Jesus”

  1. jessicamarie19 Says:

    There is such great sentiment and truth here. A wonderful reminder!



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