What Makes Me Happy

October 21, 2015

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What makes your eyes light up and your heart sing?
What makes you smile and laugh out loud?

These are just some of the things that bring me happiness:

  • Quality time with people I love and care about
  • My daughter’s happiness and well-being
  • Being transparent and vulnerable
  • Genuine character and personality
  • The sun hitting my face and it’s warmth wrapping me up in a cocoon
  • Green grass, green trees, green, green, green!
  • The smell of the rain, playing in the rain, listening to the rain
  • Bubble baths, Marc Cohn and candlelight
  • Skinny dipping and waterfalls
  • Lots of music and dancing!
  • Fall colors and the feel of a crisp autumn breeze
  • Massages with coconut oil or hot stones
  • The sound of water ~ listening to the ocean waves crashing against the shore,
    the sound of a babbling brook or a stream, waterfalls, etc.
  • Hugs, cuddling, kissing, holding hands, lots of consistent physical affection
  • Camping, hiking and fishing
  • Learning something new
  • Campfires and laying under the stars
  • Walking barefoot on beaches with white powder sand
  • Exploring different cultures and new places
  • Meeting new people and getting to love on everyone
  • Saunas, jacuzzi, heated pools
  • Being naked as much as possible, especially outdoors
  •  No tan lines
  • Fun times and great conversations
  • My heating blanket and the feeling of my new sheets and comforter
  • A great cup of coffee, hot black licorice tea, cold sweet ice tea, water with extra
    and sex on the beach liquor shots
  • The smell of a freshly mowed lawn
  • All things about having pets
  • Wild animals and mother nature
  • Not worrying about the basics such as a vehicle, food and rent
  • The changing colors of a sunrise and sunset
  • Rainbows and unicorns… no, seriously
  • DIY projects
  • Warm banana bread, lobster, crab legs
  • Travel, travel and more travel!
  • Having dreams, aspirations, and goals
  • The ability to stay both busy and quiet 
  • Taking pictures of everything, everywhere, at anytime
  • Deep, intimate, soul-searching, heart-felt, mind-blowing, all exploring, completely
    vulnerable, simply transparent, intellectually stimulating conversations
  • Cuddling on a soft rug in front of the fireplace
  • Reading, writing, art, creativity
  • Having a partner and being a mom
  • Trampolines and swing sets
  • Salt, cheese and chocolate
  • Competition, playing sports, cards and games
  • Making other people happy
  • All things babies (yours, not mine)
  • Adventures and exploring
  • Driving aimlessly along deserted curvy roads… in a sports car
  • Rock climbing and repelling
  • Visiting the elderly
  • Knowing I’m the first person on someone’s mind when they wake up and
    last person on their mind when they go to bed
  • Serving and helping people
  • Being a mom, taking care of my family and home
  • A romantic day in bed (yes, the entire day!)
  • Feeling beautiful inside and out
  • Volunteering, giving back, paying it forward
  • Watching my daughter grow and find her own way
  • Hearing my daughter’s laughter and seeing her smile
  • Chocolate, because it’s part of the female food pyramid and yes,
    I’m fully aware that it’s on here twice
  • Recognizing the power of prayer
  • Praise and worship
  • Foot rubs
  • Finding a purpose for our story
  • Solitude in the wilderness
  • Watching the moon light dance on the waves
  • Window shopping
  • Getting lost in a great book
  • Movies, photography, art
  • Writing and poetry
  • Lots of romance!

Life is full of so many simple pleasures and making a list can help us recognize all the things that are positive, make us happy or that we’re grateful for. Most importantly is realizing that happiness is an attitude and a choice therefore, it can be found whenever and where ever it is sought :)


Take a few moments to think about the things that make you happy.
I’d love to hear what they are!?
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15 Comments on “What Makes Me Happy”

  1. sallysuccess Says:

    Happiness is indeed a choice. Someone said “happiness is loving the things you have rather than having the things you love”. The list could be endless for the former, but pretty limited for the latter.


  2. dunelight Says:

    There’s a lot to like out there.


  3. tomrains Says:

    You know what, besides skinny dipping, I have not been naked outside …. really ever? I need to try that.


  4. Judy Says:

    I just love this list. It gave me a happy smile just reading it. Beautiful! At the top of my own personal list I’d have: writing a song and singing my heart out! And all the rest you’ve listed are magnificent.


  5. joseph elon lillie Says:

    Now that is an exhaustive list. I find number three does not make me happy. It is necessary, but It usually causes me trouble.


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      #3 has definitely caused me trouble too, but it’s most naturally who I am. So, I decided long ago not to let those few who might take advantage of it, rob me and others, of one of the greatest qualities and gifts I have to offer the world. It’s often times a tough one though!


      • staffordbartholomew Says:

        Like forgiving someone, #3 reflects your beautiful heart: it is your fruit, your good fruit. Discern with whom you choose to do this, through the Holy Spirit so that you are not casting jewels to swine, but it is better to be transparent. Jessie, you are sweet, you have touched my heart and brought to me what I have not had in a while, the thought of what mutual love is. Thank you from my heart! Bart


  6. Baydreamer Says:

    I love your amazing list, Jessie! Hope this comment finds you happy right now, too. :) Hugs and blessings…


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Thanks so much Lauren and I must say, it feels like I’m being put to the test, lol! This list came about as I’m realizing more and more how we really do create our own happiness and that it’s even an OK thing to do. I guess even the happy lessons are tough ones sometimes, if that makes sense ;-) Hugs my friend!


  7. joseyphina Says:

    Hello Jessie, you’ve been nominated for an award so kindly visit my blog for the details. Congratulations! :mrgreen:


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Aw, thanks so much Joseyphina and I really appreciate it! I quit participating in the awards however, because I was getting so many of them that it just became too time consuming. I’m still very grateful though :) Blessings dear sister!


  8. Patrick Says:

    Choosing to be happy! Best medicine for the soul. :-)


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