To Live As I Pray

November 23, 2011

A Quest For Truth

I bowed my head and knelt to pray,
“Lord, bless everyone on this fine day.
Please help others to do your will
Let them know your love is real.
Please heal the sick, feed the poor
Give comfort and peace, I beg, forlorn.”

Then I rose to seize the day
In this secular world, gone astray.
Proud of my unselfish pleas
Confident God would fulfill the deeds.

As I went about in my careless way
I had, not a bother, throughout the day.

I did not offer a warm embrace
Nor humble myself, I feared disgrace.
Never did I wipe a tear
Or try to calm a sister’s fears.

A hungry man I did not feed
With a beggar, I could not be seen.
A stranger’s plea I would not hear
Too busy boasting to even care.

I never tried to share the load
Of another brother’s along the road.
my Father’s love, I never showed.

Yet, once again when day was done
I prayed, “Please Lord, bless everyone.”

Suddenly, a still small voice –
“Pause, hypocrite, before you pray
Whom did you try to bless this day?”
For, God’s sweetest blessings are bestowed
By hands that serve Him here below.

With shame I hid my face and cried,
“Forgive me Lord, that I have lied.
Please, bless me with another day
I’ll not deny your will, but do as you say.
For, it is I, who must live as I pray.”

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2 Comments on “To Live As I Pray”

  1. Hannah Says:

    I have chills. Wow. What an anointed writer you are! This is very sobering. Thank you so much for posting.


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