An 18th Century Modern Day Romance

February 11, 2016


Kate and LeopoldI just finished watching “Kate and Leopold” which has definitely made my top favorites list. It’s a chick flick from 2001 and considered to be a romantic-comedy, fantasy which tells the story of a Duke who travels through time from New York in 1876, to the present time, only to fall in love with a woman from modern-day New York. The film is directed by James Mangold and stars Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. I loved this movie! It made me want to be Meg Ryan and for that movie to be my reality. I want to be the girl who gets swept back in time by a Duke, lol!

Growing up, I’ve always said that I was born in the wrong century. I absolutely love the big, beautiful dresses ladies wore back then and I could easily live without all the modern-day conveniences we have now (except for an iPod and TP… I’m definitely fond of TP.) But, Oh… How I’d love to go back in time, to a simpler place of honor and integrity, where living with intent was a way of life, and things like courtship and chivalry didn’t seem like such a lost art.

I propose that our reality can be whatever we want it to be though. The very idea that we not only have a choice, but the ability to believe and have faith in whatever our heart desires, that we really can make our dreams come true, is perhaps the most powerful realization we will ever have.

And I fancy an ‘old fashion meets modern day’ romance! So, where is my 18th century love? The man who can win my heart with his devotion and sincerity. The one I respect, because he’s a man of integrity and strong values therefore, I trust his judgement and can turn to him for leadership and advice. Where, oh where, is my Knight in Shining armor who will sweep me off my feet and take me back in time… All the while appreciating my uniqueness and independence as a woman.

I’ve waited my whole life for him, for such ideals to be realized and lived, that I wouldn’t even hesitate to be swept away through the threads of time like Kate and Leopold were. To be so inspired by a friendship full of love, passion and romance that I, too, would be willing to jump off a bridge in a leap of faith if that’s what it took.

I hope to be pursued, courted and loved by a strong, romantic, handsome gentleman someday with a sense of responsibility and protection, a heart of leadership and devotion, and one of which I’m equally attracted to. But, until then… I’ll indulge myself with the occasional awesome chick flick, Dove chocolates, and the hundred different pillows lining my bed.

Happy Valentines Everyone


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13 Comments on “An 18th Century Modern Day Romance”

  1. poeticjourney Says:

    Love the movie as well an the way they dress… wow


  2. Will Of Heart Says:

    I loved this movie, thank you for sharing the input… I just love it


  3. daleydowning Says:

    “Kate and Leopold” is a wonderful movie…we’ve all wanted a Leopold at some point in this age!


  4. Judy Says:

    You picked one of my favorite movies, too! I can learn a lot from your courage and dreams of finding love. It’s been a long, long time for me – but it’s great to dream. :)


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      Hi Judy and thanks! It’s been a long time for me too, as I’ve been a single parent for about 18 years now. We can never stop dreaming though! Hopes and dreams are what keep us going :)


  5. GodGirl Says:

    May your dream come true :)


  6. blmaluso Says:

    My husband and I just watched “Kate and Leopold” for the first time and we both loved it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts:-)

    Have you ever watched “An Affair to Remember?” It has always been my favorite movie from when I was young, and I make sure to watch it at least once a year.


  7. Don Massenzio Says:

    Nice review. Thanks for sharing.


  8. mihrank Says:

    such interesting and great mixed of informative post…


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