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Changes (contradictory)

November 22, 2011


My biggest battle comes from within I must sort my emotions and deal with them. My biggest fear, I see in the mirror An empty soul that has never learned to grow.

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Someones Child

November 21, 2011


My name is Jenny I’m only four I cannot smile My eyes are sore. You’ll never know How much I cry So many beatings I wonder why. I can’t make mistakes This I have learned Or I am punished With 3rd degree burns. I must never be bad Or I’ll go hungry I must be […]

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November 20, 2011


Estimated read time: 15 minutes (based upon true events) Kidnapped Part 1 “Come on! Those guys want to talk to us,” Julie exclaims as she skips over to a black sedan that’s pulled up alongside the curb. I approach cautiously with a dubious expression on my face, stopping just behind the vehicle. Julie leans into […]

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