Just… Like… That…

September 18, 2015


Our lives can change

In an instant,
For better or worse,
In the blink of an eye
Just… like… that.

Just like that
Everything we know can be gone.
Or changed…
Improved, Enhanced, Enriched
Made better or worse…
In an instant
A flash
Everything can be different.
Just like that.

Ever have it happen
Just… like… that?

Each day is a gift.

Do you love life?
I mean… really LOVE it?
Do you love to live and live to love?
Do you take advantage of every good opportunity that comes your way?
Do you look for the positives in every situation?
Do you seek happiness around every corner?
Do you steal every moment of laughter and joy you can from the day ~
With your family, your friends, your colleagues… yourself?
Does your attitude reflect that you’re enjoying whatever it is that you’re doing?
Do you leave no stone unturned when pursuing that which you seek?
And what in life, do you find worth pursuing?
Then once found, do you grab on tight with both hands… never to let go, as if it’s your last breath?

Our lives can change in an instant, for better or worse…
How do you make the most of it?

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20 Comments on “Just… Like… That…”

  1. messagefromthefield Says:

    Thank you Jessie for the reminder to cherish every minute of every day. Thanks for following and reading my blog.


  2. messagefromthefield Says:

    Thank you Jesse for reminding me to take advantage of every moment to love, live, and laugh. Today is the day to allow God to do all He desires to do in me that I might become all He desires for me to be. Your post was spot on with everything God has been speaking to me today. Thank for following and reading my blog.


  3. Mark Lanesbury Says:

    Yes, so many things can go…in an instant. And all those things that seemed important no longer have any meaning at all. Following our hearts, its truth is the greatest GPS :)
    Beautifully written Jessie…and from the rawness of a wisdom seen and lived.


  4. Steven Sawyer Says:

    Your love and life are reaching many hungry seekers, Jeanine. We must have been on line about the same time today. I saw your like just minutes after I posted it. Good morning. And God bless.


  5. jordysaherrera Says:

    This is very powerful Jessie! It is very true! Just like that, in a heartbeat of a moment, things can change throughout our lives. That is why it is important to make the most out of it. This poem really expressed that feeling toward life! Thank you for posting it so we can receive from it!


  6. lscotthoughts Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful reminder, Jessie, that life is a gift, it’s fragile, and won’t be with us forever in the physical sense. Making the most of each day and cherishing our family and friends are what matters, not all the stuff in the world. :) Hugs and blessings, my friend…


    • Jessie Jeanine Says:

      It’s always so wonderful to see you my friend :) And it’s funny how much more evident this becomes when you’re going through the empty nester phase! Warm hugs and blessings Lauren ♡


      • lscotthoughts Says:

        Well actually, our daughter graduated this year with her BA and is now home, but found a full time job with benefits. We’re thrilled that it happened so soon and although it’s not strictly in her field of interest, it’s a great starter job and she’s enjoying it. She can now take over some of her car expenses. :) She’ll be home for at least a year to save and get her feet on the ground. Our son is home for one more year before transferring. So instead of empty, we’re quite full. :) But it’s all good. ♥


        • Jessie Jeanine Says:

          Well, congratulations to your daughter! A full house is such a wonderful blessing :) Mine isn’t officially gone yet either although, you wouldn’t know it, lol. She’s going to college and working FT though, so between that and friends, I find myself searching for a reason to snag a little time or even an excuse to play the mom role whenever she let’s me. But as you said, “it’s all good!”


          • lscotthoughts Says:

            Thanks and it sounds like your lovely daughter is doing great, too! It is a weird feeling when they get older and don’t “need” us like they used to. It’s good also, though, hanging out with them as adults. Ahh, life and parenthood. :) Hugs!


  7. Ngobesing Romanus Says:

    I love this post. it touches my heart.


  8. tonyasmithauthor Says:

    Thanks Jessie for the reminder of how fragile life is and how much we should be thankful for each breath we have that is a gift. Life is a blessing we are given to bless others with.


  9. Tomilade Olominu Says:

    it felt like you took it outta my mind…the vanity of life. beautifully written!


  10. Michael Wilson Says:

    Not sure I am there every day but sure want to be. Thanks for the great reminder. Be blessed my friend.


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